5 reasons why you’ll love Budapest in the Fall

5 Reasons why You'll Love Budapest in the Fall

Are you planning to visit Budapest in the Fall? In that case, you’re looking forward to an unforgettable trip. Undoubtedly, Budapest is a great city to visit all year, but taking a trip in October or November is truly exceptional. Here’s 5 reason why you will fall in love with Budapest in the autumn season.

Picturesque Landscapes

There is no better idea than a day trip to Buda Hills to experience the amazing shades of autumn. The gorgeous fall colours and the calm spell of weather will leave you speechless. This is the perfect season for taking beautiful photos of nature.

Indian Summer

Sipping hot tea, walking hand in hand with your partner and having picnic on a nice autumn afternoon. Sounds great to do, right? Well, Budapest has it all, especially in the autumn season. Light winds, warm weather and sunny days what characterizes the city in this time of year.

End of Peak Season

Enjoy smaller crowds and shorter lines. However Budapest is a frequently visited city throughout the hole year, the number of arrivals definitely decrease in October and November. Children are back to school, summer vacations are over and you can even save money on accommodation. Autumn is the best season to experience Budapest like a local.

Special Events

Whether you are interested in museums, gastronomy or culture, several autumn festivals are waiting to be explored. Celebrate St. Martin’s Day wine festival, enjoy the Chestnut Festival in Buda with your family, or check out the Festivals of Museums. Visiting Budapest in this season is a great opportunity to take part in special events.

Season Offerings

Explore local Farmer’s Markets where you can choose from a wide selection of season offerings. From fresh autumn fruits and vegetables to spices, you will find every ingredient for a healthy snack or a simple dish. Take some of these great products back to your apartment and cook the most delicious autumn meal for dinner.

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