Welcome to Everyone,

I'm Jessica

“My name is Jessica and I live in Budapest with my husband and family.

However, I was born in Canada and spent the first few years of my childhood there, I was raised in Budapest and completed school in the Hungarian capital.  

As I was always interested in travel and like to connect with people, I have started an own business related to Budapest’s tourism.

The purpose of See You In Budapest is to help travellers create personalized trips and smart travel plans to Budapest.

From excellent accommodations to sightseeing activities to useful travel tips, I’ll help you take care of every detail.

Hope you’ll have a great time in the city and looking forward to plan your trip.

Personalized Trips. Smarter Travel.

Creating awareness of a better kind of travel has become more essential than ever. Nowadays, the wide variety of travel information and uncertainty makes it even harder to gain a clear overview of what we're looking for. Therefore, my aim is very simple: helping you make informed choices to become better prepared and confident about your trip to Budapest and creating a trip tailored to your personality to have a meaningful experience. I believe that hand-crafting a trip to your interest and giving essential travel advices will create awareness of a meaningful and better kind of travel.