See you in Budapest’s purpose is to offer the most trusted services and exclusive sightseeing experiences of the Hungarian capital. We are dedicated to provide our clients a customized and properly planned visit or holiday to Budapest. We would like to share our philosophy about our passionate work, all the way from the first steps of our business to preparing personally designed travels to Budapest.


The groundwork of our business was started by Jessica who is the founder and editor of ‘See you in Budapest‘ website. After receiving her degree from Tourism School she was inspired to seek out the wonderful possibilities and sightseeing activities what Budapest offers for tourists and visitors. The idea started first with discovering the best places, restaurants and sharing all experiences with travellers visiting the city. After exploring the attractiveness of Budapest, Jessica had the idea to share her insiders knowledge with others. She decided to highlight the exclusive experiences, exquisite places and professional services of Budapest to provide guests a pleasant stay in the Hungarian capital. Not just only sharing the exclusivity of Budapest, but her purpose became to assist our clients to access the best and excellent services in the city. Within maintaining a Travel Design service, we now ensure our clients the most trusted services and unique experiences during their stay in Budapest.

Welcome to Everyone,

My name is Jessica and I live in Budapest with my husband and family. However, I was born in Canada and spent the first few years of my childhood there, I was raised in Budapest and completed school in the Hungarian capital.  As I was always interested in travel, liked to organise and connect with people I have came up with the idea of starting an own business related to tourism. The aim of our service is to help visitors to customize their trip and provide them personal assistance to pick the most reliable and professional services offered by Budapest. Whether you are traveling here for a few-day vacation or visiting the city to seek medical treatments, we are honoured to be at your service. We hope you will have a great time in Budapest and we are looking forward to help planning your stay.”

Welcome to Everyone,