About Me

Hi there! My name is Jessica and I’d like to welcome you to my very first travel blog of Budapest!
I am 26 years old and I live with my husband and cute dog in the capital city of Hungary – that’s right – in Budapest.

Originally, I was born in Canada, but I started school here in Budapest when I was 6 years old. Basically, my parents and whole family are from Hungary.
I’m married for 5 years now, I love my marriage, we do almost everything together. My husband’s name is Daniel, you will see him in my blog pictures.

In my free time I like to spend time with my husband and family as much as possible. We often do active programs together especially near Budapest or in the city as there are lot of exciting places here.

Currently I work as a full-time office assistant at a multinational company, but as of this year I decided to start my own travel blog about Budapest.

Why I decided to start a travel blog about Budapest?
Last year I started to think about doing something else than my usual job and to build up something on my own with hard work. My main aim is to start a business which creates value to other people so they can get helpful information. As I always liked to travel, organise and connect with people I decided to start a travel blog about Budapest, the city where I live.

On the other hand, Budapest is a very popular city where lot of tourists travel to every year. I think it’s very important for people to collect information from reliable sources. So, I am here to share plenty of travel tips, experiences, programme ideas and lots of other fun things for all of you who would like to visit this spectacular city!

What exactly I am blogging about?
My blog is totally focused on Budapest.
I visit famous attractions, museums, restaurants and bars, do active programmes, create trips for myself and collect useful information about Budapest. Based on my positive experiences I recommend places to eat, share program and tour ideas, write about Hungarian culture, customs, and good-to-know travel tips. These information will help you to make your trip easier, enjoyable and more organised.
I write posts in most categories as possible. My main topics are:

Sights and Attractions: in this category you will read about different kind of program possibilities, ideas and attractions to visit in Budapest
Travel tips: I share the most important information related to your stay in Budapest, including tips on how to find a good accommodation, how you can get to the city from the airport and where to buy travel passes for example
Inspiration: in this category I will write about stories and interesting facts of Budapest

Of course, besides these categories I will write posts about Hungarian gastronomy, shopping possibilities and upcoming events.
I am writing this blog for everyone who is interested in travelling to Budapest. Couples, families, group of friends will find useful information as well. I intend to share information for people of all ages.
In the beginning I plan to post 2-3 times a month. I will let you know what the upcoming posts will be next month.

How can you get involved?
In addition to reading my posts and experiences about Budapest, you can contact me in case you have any questions related to your trip or stay.
Please feel free to write me on the e-mail address below:

I will gladly answer your questions and give you tips and advices.

What are my blogging goals for the future?
Currently I am creating my blog in my free time after work. My goal is to improve and manage my blog in full time. In order to reach this goal, I work on my blog as much as I can to make it better every day!
In the future I would also like to provide full program package ideas, electronic ticketing service and other travelling related services.

I hope you will enjoy my blog about Budapest and follow me on this journey!