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Trip Type

Family Trip

Best Season

Summer, Autumn

Max Person

4-6 person

Trip Duration

4days / 3nights

Trip Cost

from € 140/person

Trip Design Fee

€ 50/trip

Itinerary Highlights

Budapest proved to be a perfect destination for families. Aside from its historic landmarks and culturally rich sights, the city allows many other possibilities for families to enjoy their vacation. We understand how important it is for parents to offer their children an entertaining vacation, therefore we have created an active and enjoyable itinerary what makes your trip to Budapest unforgettable. See the example programmes below and let us know your interest so we can design the perfect tailor-made family trip for you.


Jewel Apartment Budapest

Have a perfect family holiday in a homely vacation rental located in the heart of Budapest. Jewel Apartment is a fully refurbished accommodation which provides the maximum comfort for a family up to 6 person.  


Discover Szemlő-hegyi Cave

Have you ever heard about the existence of multiple cave systems in Hungary? More than 3700 caves are recorded throughout the country and many of them are discovered in Budapest. Enjoy a family discovery in one of Budapest’s underground cave systems. On the hundreds of meters long tourist path you will see various shapes of mineral deposits and interesting formations of thermal karsts. What is more, your expertise tour guide will reveal less-known facts about cave systems and fascinating stories about cave expeditors. A Budapest cave tour will definitely offer a unique and memorable experience to your children.

Visit Budapest Zoo

Discover the various animal and plant species in the largest zoo in Budapest. Meet the different types animal kingdoms, showrooms and watch entertaining animal shows and feedings. During this day, your children will discover tropical plants and animals native to America, several species of Australia and indigenous animals of the Savanna. At the end of the expedition children can pet farmyard animals and even feed them with zoo biscuits. Moreover, interactive games, adventures and more animals are just waiting to be discovered by kids in the Zoo’s new wonderland area.

Budapest Walking Tour

Begin your Budapest discovery with an active city walking tour which will show the main highlights of Budapest. During this private family expedition, an expertise tour guide will walk you through both Buda and Pest side of the city and show you the most famous sites, adventurous places, and historic venues. Get ready to be a part of an educational yet entertaining tour where you will hear fascinating stories and visit legendary places of Budapest. At the end of the journey it is guaranteed that your family will get much more enthusiastic about Budapest and will look forward to next day’s excitements.

Spend an affternoon on Margaret Island

Enjoy a remarkable family adventure in Budapest’s most lovely island where plenty of exciting activities are just waiting to be experienced. Cycle around the island with a cycling equipment, called “Bringóhintó”, discover the medieval church ruins remained from the 13th century, visit the adorable mini zoo, and explore the wonderful Japanese garden. With plenty of huge green meadows and areas, Margaret Island is a perfect spot to entertain your children and enjoy a lovely day in the heart of Budapest.

Danube River Cruise

The perfect family-discovery can not be completed without an enjoyable Danube river cruise. Treat your family with an unforgettable experience and admire Budapest’s fascinating landscapes from the waves of the Danube river. Weather you would like to enjoy a private boating tour, or an entertaining river boat trip with live music, we will help to choose the perfect experience for your family’s interest and needs.

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from € 140/person

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