Afternoon Program Ideas

If you are traveling to Budapest,  you may wonder what kind of  afternoon activities would be interesting for you. Well, I have some good ideas.

Boat trip on Danube river

A boat ride on Danube river will let you see the most famous sights of Budapest. You will be amazed by the panoramic view of the city. I took part in boat trips a few times after work, well I should say it was relaxing and refreshing. I definitely recommend to include this program into your itinerary. The boat has several stops between the departure points, so if you feel like to hop-on somewhere else in the city, that will be no problem.

Discover Margit Island

The Margit Island is the most favourite green Island in Budapest. Many people come here to spend their afternoon in this magical place to relax, enjoy nature and have some fun. Years ago it was called Fairy Island, Dream Island and Pearl of Danube. It’s located between Árpád and Margit bridge. Spending some time on Margit Island is perfect for lovely couples, families, friends and so on.

Take a ride on Budapest Eye

Budapest Eye is a giant wheel located in Elisabeth square in the city center of Budapest and it is considered as Europe’s largest mobile Ferris wheel. A ride on Budapest Eye will let you see a fantastic view over the city. You can take great pictures from up here. You will see St. Stephen’s Basilica, Buda Castle.

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