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Interesting Facts of Buda Castle - part 2 In one of our previous blog post we've described a few interesting facts about Buda Castle. Since many famous monuments and statues are located in this royal area we decided to write a second post about it. The Story Behind Matthias Fountain The statue represents the hopeless and unfulfilled love …
Roam the streets of Buda Castle Hill One of our favourite places in Budapest is the Buda Castle Quarter. As you probably already know, Buda Castle is the most famous and visited attraction in Budapest and has many less known interesting facts. Many historical events took place in this area during the centuries. You can find …
Interesting Facts of Buda Castle - part 1 Buda Castle Quarter is the heart of Buda and one of the most visited historical attractions in Budapest. Along with its significant history it has several less known stories.Here are some interesting facts about Buda Castle which may inspire you more to discover this unique and outstanding neighbourhood. 1. …

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