Buda Castle Quarter

Buda Castle Quarter

Buda Castle Quarter is the oldest medieval area in Budapest, giving home to several museums, art galleries, centuries-old coffee houses and iconic landmarks. As part of the UNESCO world heritage, the Castle Quarter is a defining presence for culture and Hungarian history. Buda Castle was home to Hungarian kings and served as a stronghold during battles in the Middle-Ages. In world war II. several parts of the complex was damaged, but nowadays, it became a symbol of Hungarian Nation. Immerse yourself in the aristocratic atmosphere while strolling down the streets of this prestigious and magnificent neighbourhood.

Visiting Buda Castle

Buda Castle invites you to discover its colourful history, iconic landmarks and amazing views of the city. The Castle Quarter is located in the 1st district of Budapest, on the Buda side of the city. The area can be easily accessible with public transportation as well as on foot, and you can also have a fun ride on the Castle Hill funicular, which sets off from the road tunnel at Chain Bridge. The neighbourhood offers free entrance, however visiting certain buildings and churches might cost extra charge.

Matthias Church

Located in the centred area of Buda Castle, Matthias Church is one of the most famous catholic churches in Budapest. Originally it was known as the Church of Our Lady, referring to Virgin Mary, the Patron Saint of Hungary. Matthias Church hosted several coronation events, princely wedding ceremonies and political discussions. Both of Matthias’s weddings was held in this building. During the Turkish occupation the church was turned into a Turkish mosque. After the 150-year period Ottoman rule (Turks) Hungary was took over by the Habsburg empire and the mosque was turned back into a catholic church again. Matthias Church was rebuilt and reconstructed during the Millennium celebrations in the 1890s. At this time, it gained its final appearance.

matthias church

Fisherman's Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion is a world famous and stunning attraction of Buda Castle, providing the most beautiful panorama of Budapest. It was built on the occasion of the 1000 years anniversary of the Hungarian Settlement. Years ago these parts of the establishment was protected by the guild of fisherman’s and there was a fish market at the foot of the mountain. That’s where the name comes from. The 7 towers of the bastion represent the seven Chieftains of Hungary who had led their tribes into the Carpathian Basin.

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Buda Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the most remarkable establishment in Buda Castle Quarter and a characteristic symbol of Budapest’s cityscape. The palace gave home to Hungarian kings in the medieval ages and got damaged several times during history, but nowadays it is a host to the National Art Gallery, Budapest History Museum and Szechenyi Library. The remarkable Dome of the building is part of the National Gallery, offering a breath taking panoramic view of the city which visitors can enjoy from May to September.


Enjoy a Walking Trip

Discover the Castle area on foot. Stroll down the cobblestoned and charming streets of Buda Castle and meet the hidden treasures and legendary stories of the neighbourhood. Explore the most significant sights, presidential places and historical squares of the area. Admire the iconic buildings, beautiful facades and sculptures of each architectural masterpiece. Learn how people and different kind of nations lived in this area and how they survived occupations over history. Whether you would like to take part in a private guided tour or enjoy a self –guided walking trip, contact us on jessica@seeyouinbudapest.com to help you find the perfect trip and give you useful tips for your visit.

Deluxe Overnights

Would you enjoy a wonderful stay in one of the luxurious apartments or hotels in the Royal district of Budapest? The Castle Quarter provides historical mansions and luxurious hotels located in the central area of Buda Castle, close to the legendary sights, offering breath taking views and easy accessibility to Budapest’s city centre. Immerse yourself in a medieval yet upscale style and have the most delightful stay in Budapest. Let us provide you the perfect deals and best accomodation for your trip. Special requests can be sent to jessica@seeyouinbudapest.com.

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