1st District, the Home of Buda Castle

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Welcome to the Royal district of Budapest.

Located on the Buda side of the city, the 1st district is set on the root of Buda hills, giving home to the medieval and historical Buda Castle and a part of Gellért Hill.

The 1st district provides a noble and aristocratic atmosphere with a peaceful and relaxed pace of life, allowing you to revel in its cultural vibe and impressive beauty.

The neighbourhood offers a wealth of cultural experience.

A stay in one of the Hotels or apartments is ideal to discover the neighbourhood’s MEDIEVAL HISTORY along with the ICONIC BUILDINGS and landmarks,

moreover to enjoy fine dining and a stunning view of Budapest.

2nd District, the Capital of Rose Hill

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The 2nd district is located on Buda river bank, right next to the 1st district.

Surrounded by green areas, it is recognised as one of the noble neighbourhoods in Budapest.

Blessed with thermal spring waters, the 2nd district allows relaxation in the oldest thermal establishments of the city.

By stepping out the front door of your apartment, you will be amazed by the stunning view over the Parliament building and the sparkling lights of Budapest’s nightlife.

The neighbourhood gives home to the Millenaris Park, the most important cultural building complex in Europe.

Bordered with the outstanding Buda hills, the neighbourhood also allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of natural sights.

Overflowing with its natural attractions and underground cave-systems, the district is a perfect area to discover Budapest’s natural assets as well.

11th District, the neighbourhood of New-Buda

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Located on the south part of Buda and bordered by Buda hills and Gellért hill, the 11th district is an imposing neighbourhood in Budapest.

As part of UNESCO world heritage, Gellért hill is the most outstanding attraction in the area, filled with hidden treasures, giving home to the Citadel and providing the most stunning view of Budapest.

Lying at the root of Gellért hill, the historic Gellért Hotel welcomes visitors to its fascinating building all year.

Due to the abundance of the natural and thermal water resources, the neighbourhood offers regaining and relaxation in the fascinating Art Nouveau style thermal bath of Gellért Hotel.

A stay in the 11th district not only allows you to enjoy natural values, but also offers to discover its elegant avenue lined with contemporary art galleries, elegant ruin pubs and creative cafés.