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Budapest's Cultural Heritage

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from € 274/person

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The best way to truly get to know another nation is to receive a broader overview of its cultural heritage and traditions. This example itinerary has been designed for couples wanting to understand why Budapest and Hungarian nation is so special. You will get to visit the city’s world heritage sites and buildings, meet stories of Hungarian Jews, and even learn about Hungary’s authentic dance traditions. We have collected programmes rich in cultural values so you can gain as much knowledge about Hungary as possible.


Parliament Residence I

Enjoy your stay in a lovely holiday residence where Budapest is right at your doorstep. Parliament Residence is an excellent accommodation for couples wanting to explore the famous cultural sights of the city and the classic Budapest lifestyle during their stay.


Parliament visit with lunch

Recognised as UNESCO world heritage, a tour in the House of Parliament is a must-do cultural programme in Budapest. Enjoy a guided journey while you will be learning the past and present of Hungary's representative National Assembly. During your visit, a professional tour guide will explain interesting stories and facts of each room. At the end of the tour, treat yourself with a delicious lunch in one of Budapest’s imposing restaurants in the city centre.

Jewish Walking Tour

Explore the true story of Hungarian Jews and reveal the historic footmarks what uncovers the past of Jewish history. During a guided walking trip your professional tour guide will take you to an emotional tour where you will explore the Jewish neighbourhood of Budapest. Including Jewish Synagogues, memorial parks and monuments, you will get to discover the highlights of Jewish history.

Folk Dance Performance

Take part in a cultural and entertaining evening where you will enjoy live Hungarian Folk Dance Show. Based on centuries old music and dance traditions, Hungarian Folk Ensembles invite you to enjoy spectacular dance shows performed on the stages of Budapest’s prestigious cultural venues. All choreographies include authentic dances and showcasing traditional costumes. During the 90 minute performance you will be guaranteed an unforgettable true Hungarian experience.

Highlights of Budapest

Explore the world-heritage sites and buildings such as the magnificent Buda Castle Quarter, Danube promenade and Andrassy avenue. We will provide a perfect route line to easily discover the city. At the end of your day it is guaranteed that you will immediately fall in love with the city.

Palinka Museum

Make your Budapest trip perfect by visiting a Palinka museum where understand why this beverage is so unique in Hungarian culture. You will learn the facts details of making palinka and even get to sample it in different flavours. A speciality of the place is that Palinka museum is an interactive exhibition what not only provides valuable knowledge but also a great experience.

What's Included

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from € 274/person

  • Accommodation for 3 nights
  • Transfer from & to airport/Car parking
  • Public transportation passes
  • Fees and Costs: House of Parliament, Great Jewish Synagogue, Budapest Walking tour, Palinka Museum, Folk Dance performance

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  • Well-designed itinerary tailored to your needs
  • Our help to make bookings and reservations
  • Arrange Transfer or Car parking
  • Help for using public transportation
  • Expert local guides, Budapest map, useful travel tips and recommendations
  • Advice on Insurance and Visa requirements
  • Assistance from start to finish

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Budapest's Cultural Heritage

4 day Example Trip

from € 274/person

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