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Budapest has become an increasingly popular city over the past few years. Located in the heart of Central Europe, it amazes visitors with its legendary sights and cultural monuments. The medieval castle walls, historically portected buildings, and world heritage attractions not only provide a unique character to Budapest, but it shows and represents a significant time of history as well. We've designed our itineraries for those visitors who are planning to visit Budapest for their first time. We make sure that you will explore the timeless beauty of the Hungarian capital and immediately fall in love with the city.


Grand Nador Apartment

Enjoy your Budapest vacation in a freshly designed, modern suite located in a beautiful, historic building. Featuring 3 bedrooms and a comfortable double sofa, the apartment can accommodate up to 10 people. Including 3 modern bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, you will be guaranteed the highest level of comfort during your stay.


Budapest City Walking Tour

Kick off your first Budapest vacation with an enjoyable city walking tour. Your lovely tour guide will show you the highlights of Budapest, share must-to-know stories and hidden facts about each attraction. At the end of the tour you will definitely be more enthusiastic about Budapest and will can’t wait to seek out more of the city.

Budapest Thermal Bath

Enjoy a few relaxing hours after a memories-filled day in the city. Experience the Hungarian spa culture in one of the bathing establishments in Europe while you will feel the healing touch of these medicinal waters. Hungarian Spa culture began over 2000 years ago when Romans took advantage of these powerful waters, as did the Turks who extended bathing culture in Budapest.

Parliament visit with Danube cruise

A visit in the House of Parliament is a must-do in Budapest. Situated on the riverbanks of Pest, the House of Parliament is not only recognised as one of the most stunning parliament building in Europe, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage. The 50 minute guided tour offers a glimpse into the most spectacular places in the building. Visitors will get to know the specialties of the building, and what’s more at the end of the tour you will get to admire the Hungarian Crown and Coronation Jewels what have been guarded since 1 January 2000.

Palinka Tasting

It is time to raise your glass and sample a remarkable beverage what characterizes most Hungarian gastro-culture. Known as a Hungarikum, Palinka has occupied an outstanding place of Hungarian meals for decades. Be a part of a fantastic experience where you will interactively meet the history of Palinka and understand why it is one of a kind. From the techniques of its procedure to its consumption, you will get to know everything about this special Hungarian beverage.

Folk Dance Show

Take part in a cultural and entertaining evening where you will enjoy live Hungarian Folk Dance Show. Based on centuries old music and dance traditions, Hungarian Folk Ensembles invite you to enjoy spectacular dance shows performed on the stages of Budapest’s prestigious cultural venues. All choreographies include authentic dances and showcasing traditional costumes. During the 90 minute performance you will be guaranteed an unforgettable true Hungarian experience.

Source: Duna Művészegyüttes - facebook page

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from € 174/person

  • Accommodation for 3 nights
  • Transfer from & to airport/Car parking
  • Public transportation passes
  • Entrance fees and costs of above listed programmes

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  • Well-designed itinerary tailored to your needs
  • Our help to make bookings and reservations
  • Arrange Transfer or Car parking
  • Help for using public transportation
  • Expert local guides, Budapest map, useful travel tips and recommendations
  • Advice on Insurance and Visa requirements
  • Assistance from start to finish

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Budapest for First Timers

4day Example Trip

from €174/person

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