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Budapest's History & Culinary Heritage

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Group Escapes

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Spring, Autumn, Winter

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4-6 person

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5days / 4nights

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from € 170/person

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€ 50/trip

Itinerary Highlights

Get ready for an in-depth exploration of Hungary’s rich history and traditional gastronomy. Providing a unique introduction to Budapest, we have placed the focus on presenting the life-changing events of the 20 century complemented with a culinary journey of Hungary’s traditional cuisine. Experience the city as a local and gain detailed insights to its past and present for a better understanding of Hungarian culture. This itinerary can be completely customized to your personality and needs.


Mango Aparthotel Budapest

Mango Aparthotel is located near Deak square in the 7th district, where you can mostly be a part of Budapest’s active city life. The surrounding neighbourhood has plenty of restaurants, creative bistros, and artistic ruin bars. From traditional Hungarian meals to international delicacies, you can choose from all kinds of dishes.


Discover Budapest Differently

Start your first day with a special tour where you will explore the highlights of Budapest through its significant history and traditional food scene. What can be a better way to truly experience the city than a private walking tour with a passionate local guide who will present the cornerstones of history of the 20th century? Learn the stories behind historic sights of Budapest what carry traces of the Nazi occupation and Communist era. Reveal hidden gems in the old Jewish quarter where the memory of Holocaust is still strongly connected to.
During the tour you'll also get to sample the most preferable foods of locals. Your tour guide will involve you in the fascinating culinary habits of Hungarians. You won’t miss to taste Lángos or a spicy sausage with pickles on the side and to discover Budapest’s street food specialities. This unique journey will get you better connected with local people, Hungary’s cultural customs and history.

Meet Your Guide


‘Das ist ein Unikum!’

Did you know that Uniqum Liqueur is one of the essential beverages in Hungarian customs, especially at holiday celebrations? In this tour you can find out why Zwack Uniqum is an exceptional product and learn about the colourful history of the Zwack family. At the end of the tour visitors can taste the original version of Uniqum and enjoy the special flavours of this herb liqueur.

Time Travel to the 20th Century

Travel back in time and discover the true face of war. Located in a natural underground cave system, the Hospital in the Rock Museum has been created to serve first-aid and medical treatments for the civilians as well as for officials in World War II. A professional tour guide will walk you through the exhibition and share the importance of the museum. During the tour you will see costumed figures and lifelike equipment what realistically represent the effects of world war of the 20th century.

Farmer’s Breakfast

Freshly squeezed orange juice, grilled sausage, fried eggs, mozzarella cheese, mouth-watering salamis and fresh vegetables. All the best products served of farmers’ market. Have the most fresh and quality ingredients for a delicious brunch on a Sunday morning. Eat as much as you can from the wide selection of specialities and enjoy your meal at a special ruin pub what represents the eclectic vibe of Budapest.

Budapest Jews during World War II

During the historical expedition you must not forget to commit time to learn more about the significance of Budapest Jewry of the 20th century. Take an emotional tour in the second largest Jewish house of worship and gain deeper insights of the history of Hungarian Jews who perished during the Holocaust.

Entertaining Hungarian Evening

As part of your culinary journey you should not miss an unforgettable evening where the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine will be served and guests are entertained by folk programmes and live gipsy music. Enjoy a fabulous dinner in a unique restaurant- actually- in an authentic Wine Catacomb what presents the richest traditions of Hungary.

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