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Spend a day in Budapest Zoo!

One of our weekend activity was to spend a day in Budapest Zoo. We were little kids when we last visited the zoo, but since then it has developed and extended with many children-friendly areas. As many animal and plant species can be discovered we have summarised our best experiences including lots of pictures. 

1. America Tropicana

In this showroom you can discover tropical plants and animals native to America. In some parts of the building you feel like walking in tropical rainforest where you can meet with colourful birds. Different kind of exotic animals are presented as well such as the American Alligator and Green Anaconda. You can get into the Aquarium establishment through one of the side wings where species of Tropical America are introduced, like freshwater rays, electric eels and so on. As part of the establishment you can also see giant sea otters who are very cute animals swimming around in the water.

2. Australia

This region has many parts to discover: by walking along the Australian Path you can meet with animals in the Australian showroom and the Australian and Wombat House as well . The Australian zone gives home to species of Kangaroos, Wombats, exotic birds as the Cassowaries and reptiles from the southern continent. Some of the Kangaroos come so near to the fence that sometimes you can easily pet them.

3. The Little Rock

Despite its name the Little Rock is not so little, actually its a quite large establishment which is exciting to discover. While climbing up on the hill you may see such animals like Polar Bears, Penguins and Sea Dogs. In case you get hungry for a hamburger or thirsty for a juice you will find a Bufé and restaurant for your service within the Rock.

4. Savanna

The Savanna zone introduces indigenous species from the African Savanna. Mostly you can see large mammals such as giraffe, zebra, elephant, rhinoceros and camels. If you’re lucky, you can attract some of them to the fence with some zoo biscuits. The camels especially like these kind of treats.


Goulash, the traditional Hungarian soup

Lot of people heard about the famous Hungarian Goulash soup. Every person who visits Budapest must try this delicious meal.

What is the story of Goulash soup? Well, the word “Gulyas” means “Herdsman” who was the person taking care of large group of cattles. You may think that Goulash soup was easily made from the meat of beef cattle but actually it wasn’t made always that way. The origin of Goulash soup can be traced back to the 19th century. It was a popular meal amongst poor farmers. As the farmers were very poor people and the meat costed a fortune, the soup was never really made from beef in the past. Then what exactly Goulash soup was made from? The main ingredients were Hungarian pepper, onion and lot of potato and noodles. So actually today’s Goulash soup is a modern creation of the traditional version. But to be honest, today’s Goulash soup spiced up with delicious beef is one of the most famous meals in our country.
The most delicious goulash soup is made in cauldron cooked on fire. Goulash is a preferred meal at garden parties, family occasions and also a great choice for evening wine tasting events.

Goulash soup wasn’t always a popular dish among noble people. It was specifically considered as a dish for man only and wasn’t served for ladies in the past. During the years it became a famous and national meal, in fact in some areas it was the main dish of wedding meals.

tram ride

Sightseeing from Tram number 2 in Budapest

Sightseeing in Budapest can be interesting also by traveling around the city with public transportation. Who said that traveling by tram can’t be fun?

Budapest’s Tram line number 2 has a scenic route in Europe and it’s a cheap way of sightseeing in Budapest. According to National Geographic, it is one of the world’s TOP 10 Trolley Rides. The tram goes by Danube river from where you can see Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, Matthias Church, Gresham Palace and even passes the Parliament. The route starts from Közvágóhíd and ends at Jászai Mari square, you can check the timetable and ticket prices on BKK website.
Check out these photos and let them inspire you to take a wonderful sightseeing journey in Budapest!

Gellert Hill

Buda Castle

Danube riverside


Tram line number 2



Afternoon Program Ideas

If you are traveling to Budapest,  you may wonder what kind of  afternoon activities would be interesting for you. We have collected some good ideas which might help you to complete your itinerary to Budapest.

Boat trip on Danube river

Let yourself be amazed by Budapest famous sights on a boat trip on the Danube river. Not only you will observe the panoramic view of the city, but you can also take photos of Buda Castle, the House of Parliament and the stunning bridges as well. As part of Budapest’s Public Transportation (BKK), river-crossing boat lines are operating from May to December. With this service, passengers are offered to take a scenic ride on the Danube river for an affordable price. In addition to this, there are several daytime cruises and private boat trips available, for specific recommendation contact us on jessica@seeyouinbudapest.com.

Boat trip on Danube river

Discover Margit Island

Margit Island is the most favourite green area in Budapest. Many people come here to spend their afternoon in this magical place to relax, enjoy nature and have some fun. Years ago it was called Fairy Island, Dream Island and Pearl of Danube. Have a romantic walk along the beautiful meadows, discover medieval church ruins and the Japanese garden, or just simply enjoy nature while having some ice-cream.

Discover Margit Island

Have a ride on Budapest Eye

Budapest Eye is a giant wheel located in Elisabeth square in the city center of Budapest and it is recognized as Europe’s largest mobile Ferris wheel. A ride on Budapest Eye will let you see a fantastic view over the city. Great pictures can be taken from up the wheel of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, Buda Castle and Budapest’s city centre.

Have a ride on Budapest Eye

danube cruise

Interesting facts of Buda Castle – part 2

In one of our previous blog post we’ve described a few interesting facts about Buda Castle. Since many famous monuments and statues are located in this royal area we decided to write a second post about it.

1. The story behind Matthias Fountain

The statue represents the hopeless and unfulfilled love between King Matthias and her love, Ilona. Mentioned in the old legends, King Matthias often mingled among people in disguise. Once he dressed as a hunter and took a walk in the forest where he met a beautiful young lady, Ilona. They both fell in love with each other but the King didn’t reveal his identity. One day Ilona came to Buda to meet the King who was just returning back from an expedition with all pomp and glory. The secret revealed. Ilona new their love cannot be fulfilled therefore she was devoured by hopeless love.

1. The story behind Matthias Fountain

2. Turul Bird Statue

Turul Bird is a mythological symbol of ancient Hungarian past and Conquest. It represents Hungarian national identity and cohesion. Moreover it’s symbol of Divine Providence. According to some writings Turul was military symbol on weapons of Hungarians as well. The Turul also played an important role in Hungarian Conquest. Legends also say that the Bird led them to Carpathian Basin. When the Bird appeared from the sky they followed them, where it disappeared they settled down.

2. Turul Bird Statue

3. Ruins of medieval castle walls

The ruins of medieval castle walls were a densely populated area in the Middle-Ages. During archaeological excavations lot of priceless historical objects were found in this place. Most of them are now part of Historical Museum’s collection.

3. Ruins of medieval castle walls

4. Hungarian Presidential Palace

The Hungarian Presidential Palace – also called Sándor Palace – is the residency of the Prime Minister of Hungary. Originally belonged to the property of Count Vince Sándor who was famous for its strange behaviour. Well, his son Móric Sándor was known for the same strange behaviour as well. He was a very thin and weak child and only 17 years old when he first rode a horse. According to witnesses he perfectly rode horses starting from the first moment. With unbelievable horse back riding stunts he impressed every guests arriving to the Palace. As he grew older everyone remembered him as the “Devilrider”.

4. Hungarian Presidential Palace

5. Statue of Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary statue symbolize the unity of the country and inspires love and piece. The statue represents the special connection between Saint Mary and Hungary, as Virgin Mary is the protector of our country. Mary’s arms do not come in contact with the little Jesus which aims to express the mystery of incarnation. The child just floats in front of her Mother’s body. He puts his right hand on blessing and holds a ball in his left hand symbolizing the holy universe.

5. Statue of Virgin Mary
roam the streets

Roam the streets of Buda Castle Hill

One of our favourite places in Budapest is the Buda Castle Quarter. As you probably already know, Buda Castle is the most famous and visited attraction in Budapest and has many less known interesting facts. Many historical events took place in this area during the centuries. You can find monuments and architectural styles remained form the Rennaisance, the 145-year Ottoman era and traces of World War II. We can continue its colorful history for a long time, however in this post we highlighted other qualities about Buda Castle.

1. Panoramic view of Budapest

By roaming the streets of Buda Castle, don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful view over Budapest. There are plenty of places where you can see the city from different angles. For those who are in good shape, they can climb the stairs of the tower of Church Mary Magadalena or Church Matthias. Not many people know, but you can also see a wonderful view from the dome of the Hungarian National Gallery as well.

2. Cave system under Castle Hill

Did you know that an old cave system is located under the area of Castle Hill? It forms a complete city under the surface. This underground system served different kind of purposes during history, it sheltered many people in World War II and also operated as a hospital. Most parts of the caves are only accessible for specialist, but some sections can be discovered by the visitors too. You can take a guided tour in the Hospital in the Rock Museum or explore the Buda Castle Labyrinth.

3. Atmospheric promenade around the Castle

The most famous walkway in Buda Castle is the Tóth Árpád promenade. It can be said, that this is the most beautiful promenade in the Castle Quarter. Not only tourists enjoy walking along the promenade, but you can also see local people spending their afternoon there by sitting on a bench reading a book, walking their dog or playing with their kids. We made pretty good photos about the promenade in each season.