A wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures are available in Budapest. From facial surgeries to complex medical operations, surgical clinics are dedicated to provide the opportunity to everyone to receive plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. As trusted surgeons are highly educated, board-certified and constantly receiving practical training, you will be guaranteed an excellent service. We have gathered the most relevant aspects to consider when finding a plastic surgeon.

How to choose a plastic surgeon?

Traveling to a foreign city for receiving cosmetic surgery is a very serious decision. The result of a plastic surgery will determine your every day routine and aims to provide you more self-convenience in the future. We believe, that it is very important to make sure you find out if your plastic surgeon has the right qualifications. Finding the right doctor is the first and most important step before undergoing a cosmetic surgery. Therefore, we have collected the top qualities which a plastic surgeon should have.

1. MPHEST Membership

Being a member of an officially registered surgeon association ensures you a professional service and expertise doctor. These organizations only recruit members who perform their work in line with the Hungarian legislation and with sufficient expertise and the maximum level of precision. The Hungarian Plastic Surgeon Association (MPHEST) guarantees that their members are fully qualified and applies to the regulations.

2. Full provision of information

Make sure that your surgeon provides all information about the procedure and offers multiple solution for your needs. An advanced consultation must take place before the surgery where your surgeon must inform you about the potential risks and benefits of the process. Make sure to ask every question which you are not completely familiar with. Find out every information about the procedure before undergoing a cosmetic surgery. When searching on the internet, read the textual content beside the images too. Do not only check the attractive pictures, also study the details and professionality of the content. We recommend to take part in more than one consultation and compare them to each other in order to make a well-founded decision.

3. Reliable References

Make sure to check the reviews of the work of cosmetic surgeons. Surgical clinics should be able to provide written reviews, “before” and “after” images, and video testimonials. Read online reports from previous patients as well, and ask for written material of the results they have achieved. Also, you may expect written advice about the suggested procedure.

Plan your medical travel ahead

Planning a medical travel for receiving cosmetic surgery requires an exceptional amount of time. Leave enough time to gather all information about the procedure, including the arrangements of booking your flight and hotel. The process of cosmetic surgeries mainly start with requiring further information about the procedure. During the planning you will be interviewed about your needs and detailed medical history. Remember, that after a general surgery the minimum stay in Budapest could add up to one week. Before choosing any surgical clinic always make sure to receive all information about the surgery and travel conditions. Planning ahead your medical travel will assure a safe and successful trip abroad.