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How do I create your Itinerary to Budapest

Planning an itinerary plays an important role for most travelers who would like to explore the most popular sights of this beautiful city. In this post I would like to share some background information of my service and let you know what exactly I do to properly create your itinerary to Budapest.

A few words about me

My name is Jessica, I am living in Budapest with my husband and family. I always liked to travel, organise and connect with people therefore I have started an itinerary planning service to help people customize their trip to Budapest, plan their day-by-day itinerary and provide them personal support during their stay.

What is the importance of the itinerary planning service?

Most of you would rather discover Budapest on your own way and prefer self-guided sightseeing trips during your visit. By searching on the internet you will definitely find the ‘must-to-see places’ and ‘must-to-do things’ in Budapest. Also, you can read many topics of transportation and receive advices on how to get around the city. Practically, you can find almost every information about Budapest when it comes to traveling to Hungary. You might ask then, why did I start an itinerary planning service? Well, reading about foreign city is the first part of planning a sightseeing trip, you also need to piece together all these information and efficiently organize your day in order to bring out the most of your visit. Basically, the focus of my service is on planning your daily itinerary. This means, I create your daily program schedule according to your interest in order to maximize your time in Budapest, advise self-guided sightseeing trips and travel information for your customized itinerary.

How do I create itineraries to Budapest?

On the website you can find 1-day itinerary offers created for different interests, all of them based on my self-guided sightseeing experiences in Budapest. In order to provide well-created itineraries and reliable service it is important for me to know the city and collect as many experience in Budapest as possible. I plan my daily sightseeing schedule and on a weekly basis I discover famous sights and places in the city, I visit museums, exhibitions, and create various walking routes to explore the city on foot as well. During my trip I take lots of photographs and make notes of my experiences. At the end of my day I select the best photos to include them on the website and organize all collected information to start creating itineraries. In addition, I use literatures and read books about Budapest’s history, culture and gastronomy to keep myself updated and to provide interesting facts about the city and places I have visited. 

What can you expect from my service?

I take note of your requests and needs when creating your itinerary. During the planning we will discuss all details via e-mail and I provide personal support during your stay in Budapest as well in case you have any questions related to your trip. As a result, you will receive a detailed daily schedule including specific program ideas, sightseeing activities and places to visit, a step-by-step description on how to use public transportation in accordance with your itinerary and other useful information. My goal is to deliver a valuable service and make sure you have a great time in Budapest.

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