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Culinary Adventure in Budapest

Trip Details

Trip Type

Group Escapes

Best Season

Autumn, Winter

Max Person

4-6 person

Trip Duration

4days / 3nights

Trip Cost

from € 228/person

Trip Design Fee

€ 50/trip

Itinerary Highlights

Experiencing special food and delicacies of another culture is always an essential part of traveling. One of the best ways to meet Hungary is to discover and be a part of its cuisine. Get ready to taste your way through Hungarikums and world-famous masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine. On this journey you will have the best time exploring Hungarian gastro-culture. Including tastings and interactive culinary tours, we make sure you will return home with a lifetime experience.


Mango Aparthotel Budapest

A stay in Mango Hotel Budapest will truly complete your Budapest getaway. The well furnished and stylish Mango Aparthotel serves the needs on the maximum level of high for a group of 5 or 6 people. The two bedroom apartment features an American style kitchen and large space which provides a bright and comfortable living.


Culinary Walking Tour

Kick off your Budapest culinary adventure with a complementary and entertaining walking trip where you will get a glimpse into local gastronomic culture. Your professional tour guide will introduce the gastro culture which mostly characterizes Hungarian cuisine. The wide range of Hungarian delicacies satisfy all kinds of taste. Get ready to visit local markets, sample traditional meals and desserts, such as the famous Goulash, Lángos and Chimney cake.

Zwack Museum & Visitor's Centre

Enhance your Budapest vacation by attending an interactive culinary exhibition. During the expedition you will learn more about one of the traditional Hungarian specialities, Zwack Uniqum Liqueur. In Hungarian customs Unicum is an essential beverage at a family gathering and it is always a popular drink for celebrations and holidays as well. The guided program not only includes tastings of the well-known liqueur but also provides an educational tour where you will receive valuable knowledge about this Hungarian speciality.

Baking Course

Why not try yourself out in an entertaining baking course where you can learn the tricks and mysteries of making famous Hungarian pastries. However Strudel originates from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, it is a essential dessert in Hungarian gastro-culture. You will learn interesting facts and stories about Hungarian desserts on this special culinary experience. At the end of the course you will leave with the strudel recipe, so you will be able to bake the perfect strudel at home for your friends and family.

Wine Tasting

No culinary adventure can be completed without tasting exquisite Hungarian wines. By taking part in a wine tasting experience you will not only enjoy the quality essence of Hungarian wines, but you will also learn about famous wine regions and wine making procedures. Budapest welcomes guests in classy wine cellars where you can truly enjoy a pleasant evening with your friends while sampling the finest wines of the country.

Hungarian Night

Enjoy an unforgettable evening with a traditional Hungarian dinner accompanied with live music. Be a part of an experience where guests are entertained with special folk dance shows. The 3-hour program invites you to get a glimpse into the traditions of authentic folk dance and Hungarian traditional gastronomy. During the evening you will be able to try typical Hungarian flavours and sample the best Hungarian wines.

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from € 228/person

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