Visit the Holy Crown in the Parliament building and explore the historical memorials located along the Danube bank of Pest. Visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica then pay your respects at the Dohány street’s Synagouge. Learn the culture about the famous Hungarian Palinka closing with dinner. At the end of your day admire the beautiful view of the city from Budapest Eye.

Cultural Heritage expresses our memories related to our historical past, traditions, customs and values. Hungarians are proud to present a vibrating historical culture manifested by such tangible forms, such as monuments, buildings and landscapes. This itinerary allows to discover religious values of Budapest and to dive into the history of Hungarian Jews.

The day starts with visiting the House of Parliament and exploring the historical memorials located along the river bank of Pest. Substantial monuments located around the Parliament represents a meaningful time of history which deserves to pay attention at. Continue your day by observing  the St. Stephen’s Basilica then pay your respects at the Dohány street’s Synagogue. Visiting the largest synagogue in Europe will be the highlight of the day. The synagogue not only serves as a house of Jewish prayer but it is also a symbol to Hungarian Jews, commemorating dramatic moments of Jewish history. As a closing of the day, have a special Hungarian dining experience and admire the beautiful nightlights of Budapest

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