Did you know that more than 3700 caves are recorded in Hungary? Well, many of them can be discovered in Budapest city. If you would like to take part in an exciting tour close to nature with your children, then visiting Szemlő-hegyi Cave is a great program for your family!

Szemlő-hegyi Cave is visited by many school groups, tourists and local people all time of year. It is often called “Budapest’s underground flower garden”. During a guided tour you will see the best parts of the cave, discover various shapes of mineral deposits and calcite plates. Due to the caves high humidity and constant temperature it has a positive effect for asthma sufferers as well.
After your tour I suggest to take a break at Budapest’s famous coffe house, Daubner Confectionery. A few slices of delicious cakes will brighten up your day!

General Data

Location: Szemlő-hegyi Cave, 1025 Budapest Pusztaszeri street 35.
Opening hours: 10.00AM-4.00PM every day. On Tuesdays the Cave is closed.
Duration of trip: 1 hour
Ticket price: 1400 HUF/person, 1100 HUF/children
The average temperature is 12 degrees in the cave!

Read about the most beautiful parts of Szemlő-hegyi Cave below!

Flower Garden
Szemlő-hegyi Cave is often called flower garden as you can see cave walls covered with thick layer of “pea stones” and “cauliflowers”. These are mainly mineral deposits and calcite plates creating a very unique shape on the cave walls. This area is one of the most natural part of the cave.

Maria Chamber
This narrow and closed hall was named by a young cave explorer Maria Szekula. She was the thinnest caver who could get through the thin gap above 3 meters high, called the Needle’s Eye. Nowadays, we can get further to the Long Corridor through a wide passageway underneath the gap.

Giant Corridor: Diamond Hole
The Giant Corridor is the most imposing part of the trip. Standing on the balcony you will notice a huge face of a Witch. By walking down the stairs you can see the Diamond Hole covered with Snow White formations.

Exhibition Showroom
At the end of the trip children can check out the interactive exhibition showroom where they can learn about specific features of different kind of caves in Hungary, see equipment needed for caving and learn about stones and rocks of Budapest.

Now it’s time for dessert!

Daubner Confectionary is about 10 minutes walk away from Szemlő-hegyi Cave. Children can choose from various cakes, tea biscuits,  ice creams and salty desserts. You can expect a long line as the Confectionery is busy in almost every hour of the day but it will totally worth it!

Location: 1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi street 50.

Please find my Google map below for your convenience.

Have fun!