Discover the Cave systems under Budapest

Discover the Cave Systems under Budapest

Did you know that more than 3700 caves are recorded in Hungary? Many of them can be discovered in Budapest as well. An exciting cave tour is a good idea for family vacation.

The cave systems are 0,5-1 million-year-old and under nature conservation protection in Hungary. They are often called “Budapest’s underground flower garden”. During a guided tour you will observe the best parts of the cave along a hundreds of meters long tourist path. You will discover various shapes of mineral deposits, thermal karst formations and calcite plates. The caves are also famous for its unique dripstones and narrow corridors as well. Due to the caves high humidity and constant temperature it has a positive effect for asthma sufferers too. On of the below pictures you can see cave walls covered with thick layer of “pea stones” and “cauliflowers”. These are mainly mineral deposits and calcite plates creating a very unique shape on the cave walls.

Its worth to mention, that Hungary gives home to 5 certified thermal caves of which one of them can be found and visited in Budapest. These thermal caves own a curative power by providing an effective healing ability and beneficial microclimate. Szemlő-hegyi cave is the only thermal cave in the Hungarian capital welcoming guests for an educational and enjoyable cave tour, where visitors can not only learn about Budapest’s underground cave systems but also enjoy the curative power of this natural system.

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