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Family Adventure in Budapest

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Family Trip

Best Season

Spring, Summer, Autumn

Max Person

4-6 person

Trip Duration

4days / 3nights

Trip Cost

from € 127/person

Trip Design Fee

€ 50/trip

Itinerary Highlights

Admittedly, Hungary is a country with the most colourful history and variant culture, it is guaranteed that your family will have the best time in Budapest. Let us introduce you an interactive expedition of Budapest’ most famous sights combined with family focused experiences. Kids will love to visit ancient ruins, underground cave systems and sampling world-famous delicacies. We have collected perfect sightseeing and yet family friendly activities which will keep your children entertained from start to finish.


Nova City Aparthotel

Nova City Aparthotel is perfectly ideal for family vacationers of all ages. Enjoy your stay in a modern and spacious apartment featuring a fully equipped kitchen and living room equipped with a large screen TV and comfy openable sofa. 


Discovery of Buda Castle Quarter

Why not start an exciting discovery in the medieval area of Budapest. Experience an enjoyable ride to Buda Castle with the Castle Hill Funicular. The almost 100 meter long track is located on the Buda side of the Danube providing an impressive view during your way up. Explore the underground cave system, the Buda Castle Labyrinth. Admire the stunning panorama of Budapest from the Dome of the Hungarian National Gallery and explore the hidden gardens and passages of the Castle area. There are so many exciting places to discover, that your children will enjoy every moment of this magnificent area.

Parliament Visit

Considered as an amazingly beautiful building in the world, an expedition in the House of Parliament will be an exciting adventure. During the 50 minute guided tour you will be taken to the most spectacular places in the building. The beginning of the journey starts with climbing the gold-plated City Staircase then a visit to the hall of the former Chamber of Peers. What’s more, visitors will arrive to the Dome Hall, where the Hungarian Crown and the Coronation Jewels have been guarded since 1 January 2000.

Chocolate Museum

Continue a cultural discovery with a sweet expedition. Meet the story of the world-famous Szamos Chocolate by visiting Szamos Museum and Coffee House. Sample the most delicious confectionary masterpieces made with high-quality marzipan and select from the wide collection of Szamos chocolates, bonbons and candies during your visit. Discover the world’s largest marzipan creation of 78 kilogram and admire the perfect marzipan replication of the Parliament building and Coronation Jewels. At the end of the guided tour you will be invited to create and decorate your own Szamos chocolate.

Exploration of Vajdahunyad Castle

Enjoy a remarkable family adventure in Budapest’s largest park close to the city centre. With its huge green areas, alleyways, and playgrounds, City Park is an excellent choice for an afternoon family outing. Everyone can find an entertaining thing to do. Visit the medieval tower of Vajdahunyad Castle, enjoy a one-hour boating on the lake, and treat yourselves with the best ice-cream filled chimney cake.

Riverboat Dinner

Treat your family with a delightful dinner in a magnificent atmosphere. Discover one of the legendary boats located on the Pest riverbanks and enjoying a delicious meal for dinner. Due to the perfect location, the wonderful panorama of Buda can be witnessed from the restaurant. The traditional interior, welcoming ambience, and spectacular view will allow you an unforgettable evening.

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from € 127/person

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