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Family Trip

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from € 210/person

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We have good news for parents! Budapest has something for everyone, especially for families with little children. Sightseeing can also be about discovering the exciting and adventurous part of the city. From having a trip to the Buda Hills, discovering green parks and playgrounds to an interactive city exploration, we have created a family-friendly itinerary what will keep your children entertained from the first day of your vacation. The example itinerary can be completely customized to your family’s interest and needs.


Milford Suites Budapest

Located at the foothill of Buda Castle Quarter, Milford Suites Budapest will be the perfect choice for families. The recently built aparthotel warmly welcomes guests to its homely environment. Moreover, its ideal location allows to easily explore the famous sights in Budapest.


Active Exploration of Budapest

An extraordinary private tour entertaining for children and educational for parents at the same time. In this tour your children will take part in an interactive sightseeing game where they will get to hunt for hidden symbols, interesting statues, and discover fascinating legends. While parents learn about Budapest, children will get to turn into detectives and explore all the fun parts of the city. During the tour your host will make sure to keep your children entertained the hole time. This will be the perfect way to explore Budapest with your family.

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Trip to Buda Hills

Take a trip to Buda Hills with a fun and retro vehicle. The speciality of this ride, that Children’s Railway is operated by children under the supervision of adult railroaders. Children will handle your ticket and do all kinds of other jobs. All stops of the route are good places to discover. Hike to the highest point of Budapest, visit a charming little zoo in the forest, and enjoy a ride on the city’s chairlift. All these fun activities will make your Budapest sightseeing an unforgettable experience.

Labyrinth under Buda Castle

Discover the medieval cave system under Buda Castle Quarter where the Middle Ages of Hungary comes to life. The cave tour will be an exciting activity for children while parents can explore the historic meaning of the complex. The 1000 meter long labyrinth features statues of medieval Hungarian Kings, special stone monuments from the Turkish Occupation and lifelike waxworks commemorating to the time when music events were organized in the Castle Quarter.

Exploration of Railway Museum

Wouldn’t be interesting to explore a Vintage fleet of decades-old railcars, steam-engines, and other nostalgic vehicles at the Hungarian Railway Museum? The exhibition will take you through the entire history of the railways from the 1870s till todays electric engines. Visitors can not only admire the old machines, but they can also try them out. Another exciting place to spend a few active hours for a fun family outing.

Green Adventures

Have a fascinating adventure in the city where your children can discover animal kingdoms, adventure parks, playgrounds, and take part in various interactive programmes. Well, Budapest has it all. Why not visit the largest zoo in Budapest, explore a wildlife animal park, or discover the forestry near Budapest. The best experiences are just few steps away from the city centre.

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