Gellért Hill

Gellért Hill

Rising above Budapest city, this outstanding and magical mountain attracts visitors to discover its charming beauty. Gellert Hill hides several unique monuments and less-known stories which are just waiting to be discovered. During history it was a place for trading activities, later the centuries it became a stronghold and also a natural source providing thermal and medicinal water bursting up from the foothills. Nowadays, Gellert hill became an attractive natural sight and popular tourist destination, offering a breath taking view of Budapest, especially at night. 

Visiting Gellért Hill

Gellert Hill is located mainly in the 11th district, at the Buda side of Liberty bridge. It can be easily accessible with tram or metro line 4 from Buda and Pest as well, and worth to have a walking tour to discover all its famous sights. A trip on Gellert Hill will not only allow you to discover the natural sight of the city, but you can also learn about the mountain’s history and visit historic monuments. Amazing views, beautiful parks and the hidden gems will grant you a wonderful experience.

Cave Church

The Cave Church is a very unique historical monument settled on the southeast slope, close to Liberty bridge. The place used to be an entrance to a simple cave in the Middle Ages, but during the centuries it has been artificially turned into a chapel. Nowadays, the chapel gives home to the Pauline Order and welcomes visitor to learn about the history of the Order of Saint Paul.

Liberty Statue

Located on the highest spot on Gellert Hill, the Liberty statue is a remarkable symbol of Budapest’s landscape. The statue forms a female holding a palm tree, symbolizing the victory of the Soviet army at the end of World War II. After the 45 years Soviet occupation Hungary regained its independence, and the statue was meant to be removed, however by then it became the city’s famous attraction and remained in place.

Statue of St. Gellért

Close to Elisabeth Bridge, on the sides of the mountain stands the 33 meters tall monument of Saint Gellert who the mountain got its name from. A spectacular waterfall falls under the statue and a charming staircase leads to the top of the hill where you can hike up to the Citadel.

Garden of Philosophy

This very unique and lesser-known monument is situated on the west side of the mountain. Due to its particular meaning, the statues play a significant role in the culture of Gellért Hill. The following message can be read at the opening of the garden: “For better mutual understanding”. The statues represent the greatest leaders of the world religions, symbolizing tolerance and peaceful coexistence towards each other.

Prince of Buda and Princess of Pest

Near to the Garden of Philosophy stands a very rare yet popular monument featuring the two towns of Budapest in a beautiful and lifelike representation. It can be observed how the Prince of Buda and Princess of Pest are trying to reach each other hands above the Danube which is symbolized by the narrow space. A wonderful panoramic view is presented from the statues of the Buda Castle and Pest as well.

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