Historical Experiences in Buda

Spend a day in Buda side of the city. Learn about the 150-year Ottoman era by visiting a famous Turkish monument and exhibition. Discover the historical Buda Castle by exploring a Medieval Jewish house, Matthias Church and the Hospital in the Rock museum. End your day with an evening walk around the Royal Palace while taking beautiful pictures of Budapest at night.

The Historical Experiences itinerary introduces Hungarian history. Part of the suggested programs you will receive a comprehensive picture about the most significant historical events of Hungary. Moreover, you can gain a better insight how people experienced the most darkest period of our time. The itinerary will be customized around your preferences. 

The price shown on the offer (10 100 HUF) is the expected cost for the suggested programs including admission fees, entrance ticket prices and transportation fees. You will pay all these costs directly to the service provider companies. You can find the fee of the itinerary planning service under the Pricing and Payment section.

After submitting your request I will send you an Overview of your itinerary free of charge. In case you are satisfied with the overview you will find the payment instructions of the itinerary planning service fee as well. Upon receiving your payment I begin to create your itinerary. All discussions will happen via e-mail during the planning. At the end of the process I will send you the finalized Step-by-step Itinerary in PDF and the final invoice of my service. During your stay in Budapest, you can also contact me in case of any questions related to your trip.

The overview of itinerary includes the following information:

  • Brief summary with a list of suggested programs of your itinerary
  • Exact price of entrance fees
  • Exact price of transportation tickets
  • Itinerary Planning Service fee

What can you expect from the Historical Experiences itinerary?

  • General introduction: detailed description of Budapest and the main historical events of Hungarian history related to this trip
  • Detailed description the listed program ideas: highlighting interesting facts of each sight and place and how it relates to Hungarian history, what to expect from the exhibitions and museums you visit, how to book the entrance tickets and make reservations
  • Daily time schedule: how to easily organise your day from morning to evening in order to have time to attend every program
  • Recommendations where to eat
  • Useful travel information: how to get discounts, where to exchange money, how much tip to give for service providers, emergency phone numbers, embassy addresses
    Information on transportation: full guide on how to use public transportation, what kind of transportation tickets to use and where to buy them, custom maps to know how to get from one place to another, how to get to the city from the airport

1.Historical Experiences in Buda itinerary: from 10 100 HUF/ day/person (approx. 32€) The indicated cost is an estimation for 1 day/person. The price includes the admission fees, ticket costs, transportation ticket prices which you have to purchase in advance or on spot directly from the service provider companies.

2.Itinerary Planning fee: 9 500 HUF/ 1day itinerary planning (approx. 30€)
In case you are satisfied with the overview of the itinerary you will find a proforma invoice of the planning service fee. The payment can be settled via bank transfer or by credit card. Please note that the proforma invoice includes the fee of the itinerary planning service, you will pay all additional costs (including admission fees, entrance ticket prices and transportation ticket prices) directly to the service provider companies.

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