Spend a day with experiencing the historical sights of the Hungarian capital. No vacation in Budapest is complete without discovering the Buda Castle Quarter and getting a glimpse into Hungarian history.

The complex and difficult history of our country made Hungary an even more outstanding country in world history. Hungary has been involved in several wars, battles and survived against heavy oppression in the past. Several monuments, statues and places commemorates the defining moments of the past events. Travel back in time and learn about the 150-year Turkish rule and discover the stunning architectural masterpieces built in the medieval Budapest, moreover, gain a better insight how people provided life-saving treatments in the darkest period of World War II. End your day with an evening walk around the Royal Palace, while taking beautiful pictures of Budapest at night.

The itinerary is recommended for visitors who would like to understand better the most significant historical events occured in Hungary and visiting the most attractive cultural sights of Budapest.

Experience this historical day individually or enjoy a private tour where an expertise tour guide will show you the prestigious areas of Budapest and introduce Hungarian history. Let us help you design the perfect itinerary completely personalized according to your special requests and interest. Send your questions to jessica@seeyouinbudapest.com or contact us below for discussing the details of your trip to Budapest.