House of Parliament

House of Parliament

Located on the Pest river bank, the House of Parliament is Hungary’s representative National Assembly. Accepted as a UNESCO World Site Heritage, the Parliament is known as the most beautiful establishment amongst European Parliaments. As an impressive work of great Hungarian masters, the Parliament became an architectural masterpiece which the Hungarians are very proud of. The Parliament gives home to the Hungarian Crown Jewels and serves as a workplace for more than 700 people.

The 268 meters long and 123 meters width building parallel to the Danube has a symmetric layout, built from 40 million bricks, 40 kilogram of golds and half a million precious stones. The impressive appearance and exterior design deserves special attention. Various architectural styles can be discovered on the building. Baroque style, Gothic elements and Renaissance motifs are present on the House of Parliament. The façade is decorated with 90 stone sculptures, representing famous figures and greatest rulers from Hungarian history. The interior composition of the Parliament should be noted as well. The gold-plated staircases, pyrogranit sculptures, colourful glass windows, rich paintings and royal carpets amazes thousands of visitors each year. The building is decorated with gorgeously designed peers, halls and staircases and hundred of offices. The rooms are connected to each other by an endless corridor system.

Visiting the Parliament

The House of Parliament invites thousands of visitors annually to take a guided tour in several languages, led by professional guides, introducing the history and interior design of this magnificent building. During the 50 minute tour you will be led through the most beautiful parts, spectacular rooms and places of the building. Visitors will climb through the marvellous gold-plated City Side Staircase, admire the Chamber of Peers, the Hungarian Holy Crown and Coronation Jewels. At the end of the tour visitors arrive to the Parliament Museum where they can learn less-known stories and facts about the history of the House of Parliament.

The House of Parliament is located in the 5th district, in the city centre of Budapest, lined on the Pest river bank. The Parliament is easily accessible with tram line 2. The building is practically open every day for visitors. We recommend to purchase your ticket in advance online from the official website of the Parliament, as buying tickets on spot might take a longer time. After purchasing your ticket, groups depart from the underground Visitor Centre located next to the building. Taking pictures is allowed in most parts of the building, however for the protection of the Holy Crown it is forbidden to take photographs in the Dome Hall.

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