How to spend your time in Budapest?

How To Spend Your Time In Budapest

Budapest is a very lovable, affordable and safe city located in the heart of Europe. Through its cultural diversity, the city offers plenty of sightseeing experiences for all ages. In this article, we highlighted those outstanding values of Budapest which you should definitely include on your “to-do” list.

1. Discover Budapest on foot

Budapest’s famous places are within easy walking distance from each other. Starting your first day with a delightful walking trip is the best idea to discover the highlights of the city. Walking along the Danube Promenade, you will easily reach the House of Parliament and St. Stephen’s Basilica. What’s more, a great view can be seen over Buda Hills and Liberty Statue. Walk across Széchenyi Chain Bridge and discover Buda Castle’s interesting sights on foot as well. For the late afternoon, take a trip to Gellért Hill which is the best place to observe the most beautiful panoramic view of the city.

2. Learn about Hungarian History

Hungary has been involved in several wars, battles and survived against heavy oppression over history. Walking the streets of Budapest, you will find famous statues and monuments capturing defining moments of the past. Learn how Hungarians gained their freedom and independence over the centuries by visiting Budapest’s historical museums and exhibitions. The Museum of House of Terror, Hospital in the Rock Museum and Budapest History Museum all present significant periods of Hungarian history.

3. Don’t leave without trying Hungarian dishes

Gain insight into Hungarian cuisine and taste our most famous dishes. The most common ingredients in Hungarian cuisine are onion, paprika and pork fat which are the basic flavours of local dishes. Definitely taste Hungarian Goulash, roasted meats made from duck, pork, beef and do not miss desserts either. Try Hungarian pancake, home-made strudel and cream pastry dessert. Discover Farmers’ Markets in Budapest where you can shop for local meat products, tasty foods, spices and herbs. Hungary is also famous for its very delicious meat products such as goose liver pate, Gyulai sausage and Pick salami. Furthermore, don’t miss to sample Hungarian wines and make sure to taste palinka, the most special Hungarian drink.

4. Get to know more about Hungarian Culture

Why not see a theatrical performance, folk dance show or attend a music concert during your stay? Opera, dance, ballet and musical works always played an important role in the cultural life of Hungary. Would you also discover the bastions of culture? Than take a tour in Budapest’s impressive cultural buildings where musical performances come alive. Learn the history of the State Opera House, take a tour in the Pesti Vigado and meet the outstanding work of the famous Hungarian musician, Franz Liszt.

5. Relax in one of Budapest’s thermal baths

Budapest is often called the city of spas. No wonder, since Budapest has the most thermal waters amongst the world’s capitals. Thermal waters help the healing process on rheumatoid diseases, skin problems, furthermore inhaling vapour has a good effect on respiratory disorders. Most thermal baths were built in the 16th century during Ottoman empire and some of them still reflect Turkish architecture. Spending a few hours in one of Budapest Spa establishments will not only offer a complete relaxation but will also allow a time travel to the past.

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