Start your day with a guided tour and learn the history of our famous herb liqueur. Enjoy a traditional Hungarian lunch in the city center and discover the historical monuments in the heart of Budapest. Visit the largest catholic church in the city and taste the delicious chocolate in the famous Szamos Café. End your day with a traditional dinner accompained with live music.

Budapest is a perfect host for satisfying the interest of gastro-culture lovers. Visitors must not leave without tasting the traditional delicacies and culinary masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine. Within a professional guided group tours you will learn about Hungaricums, world-famous beverages, sweets and authentic meals. If you are enthusiastic of culinary delights and willing to learn more about Hungarian gastro specialities, then this itinerary will perfectly suit your needs.

Start your day with a guided tour with learning the colourful history of our famous herb liqueur, the Zwack Uniqum. Enjoy a traditional Hungarian appetizer including the finest salamis and liver pate. After lunch, take a walking trip in the gorgeous downtown in the heart of Budapest while admiring the cultural buildings and historical surroundings. Continue the culinary adventure with sampling the most delicious chocolate in the Szamos Café and meet the story of the Hungarian Szamos family who established the famous Szamos chocolate. End your day with a traditional dinner accompanied with live music.

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