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Hungary's Remarkable History

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There is no doubt, that Hungary is a country with a rich and colourful history showing us the footprints of the past. Step back in time and uncover the true stories of Hungarian history. Budapest offers a fascinating look into the past and makes sure to always remember. Specifically created for history enthusiasts, this itinerary brings Hungarian history to life and let you discover the capital’s remarkable sites.


Parliament Residence II

Enjoy your stay in a lovely holiday residence where Budapest is right at your doorstep. Parliament Residence II is an excellent accommodation for group of friends wanting to explore the famous cultural and historic sights of the city and the classic Budapest lifestyle during their stay.


Discover Turkish Footmarks

Visit a lesser-known Turkish monument located in a lovely neighbourhood of Buda where you will understand more about the culture of Ottoman era and how it put a serious impact on Hungarian cultural lifestyle. During your trip you will also get to visit the oldest Turkish Thermal Bath of the city.

Historic Treasures in Buda Castle

Let’s move forward on the timeline of history and travel to the most historic sight in Budapest. Located in the Castle district, countless culturally rich establishments tell us a lot about Hungarian history. Learn about Budapest’s fascinating history from the ancient times to the 21st century, explore the architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance, and discover the underground cave system which served as a base to provide first-aid treatment in World War II. A trip in the Castle Quarter will let you gain insight into the most determining moments of the Hungarian nation.

Communist Budapest Walking Tour

Take part in a special and meaningful walking tour which reveals the fight against the two dictatorship in Hungary taking place in the 20th century. Hungary was under oppression by Socialist and Communist regimes from 1944 till 1989. During this period, violence, suffering, and censorship characterized everyday life in the country. With the led of your professional tour guide you will visit the House of Terror museum, and the most significant monuments in the city what tell the history of the determining past of Hungarian nation.

Explore Jewish Budapest

Another highlight of your historical trip is to discover the special and emotional past of Hungarian Jews. Memorial plaques and monuments are to be found at every step in Budapest commemorating the braveness of Jewish soldiers and civilians who died heroes’ death. Discover the former Jewish quarter in Budapest which is still strongly connected to the memory of Holocaust. By visiting the largest Jewish house of worship you will understand how Budapest Jewry lived in the city and how they went through brutal repression.

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Hungary's Remarkable History

4day Example Trip

from €184/person

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