Ideas For a Special Romantic Travel

Ideas For a Special Romantic Travel

Thinking about surprising your partner with a romantic getaway? Perhaps you’re celebrating an anniversary or planning your honeymoon? From luxurious apartments to glamorous moments, you can’t go wrong with planning a trip to Budapest. Here’s our few ideas on how to turn an average city break to an unforgettable romantic experience.

Luxurious Overnights in Buda Castle Quarter

Spend a magical stay in an elegant and harmonic apartment located in the magical neighbourhood of Buda Castle Quarter. Sitting right on the top of the castle walls, you will marvel at the most historic and romantic setting of Budapest. Due to the ideally location, you can enjoy romantic views over the night lit river from Fisherman’s Bastion and walk hand in hand on the cobblestoned streets of Buda Castle Quarter.

Capture your Romantic Moments

Treasure your memories by starring in a photo shoot in the most romantic places of Budapest. Take part in a one-hour entertaining experience and take home the best pictures of your romantic travel. From hidden, cosy places to famous spots, photography backgrounds are countless.

Reveal Hidden Gems

While exploring the famous sights in Budapest, you also might want to discover the hidden parts as well. The less touristy spots are the pearls of the city that are definitely not to be missed. Reveal hidden squares and cute little gardens which are the perfect places for connecting with each other and enjoying precious moments.

Unforgettable Spa Experience

Surprise your loved one with an exclusive relaxation in one of Budapest’s highly esteemed spa salon. Spend together a deep relaxation in a luxurious setting after an adventurous day in the city. Enjoy refreshing body massages, facial cares, sauna, jacuzzi and a cosy teahouse in the world of spa’s.

Romantic Evenings

No romantic vacation can go without an intimate dinner or a delightful wine tasting. Imagine yourself in a candlelit setting sampling the most delicious wines and finest dishes while enjoying the evening with your one and only sweetheart. Having a late night walk at the banks of Danube river after dinner will be the perfect ending to the day.


Having a romantic trip is a unique experience. Traveling brings you together, it deepens your relationship and let you share special moments with each other that will truly last a lifetime.

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