In case of Emergency

In certain cases when accidents and emergencies occur you must be well-prepared to properly handle these situations. It is important to know what to do in case of emergency. We have listed the most general emergency cases to show you what services are available

Ambulance, Fire brigade, Police

In case of such emergency situation what requires an ambulance, fire brigade or police, call 112 which is the uniform European emergency phone number available free of charge, from fixed lines and mobile devices. A highly trained English speaking operation will be at your service and deal with your request directly or transfer your call to the appropriate emergency service. In case the caller does not know where he is, the operator will identify his location.


Lost or Stolen Passport

In case of lost or stolen passport, you need to report the incident to the Police authority and to your own embassy as soon as possible. The embassy will issue a replacement passport or you can apply for an emergency travel document. To make sure about certain steps of the process, we recommend to visit the official site of your embassy in Budapest. In case of stolen personal values, call the Police on 112 where they will provide assistance and help you locate the nearest police departments to report a crime.

Pharmacies in Budapest

Pharmacies in Budapest can be easily recognised as they are marked with a flashing green cross. Usually pharmacies are open from 8.00AM till 6.00-8.00PM, but you can also find pharmacies operating around the clock in Budapest. During your sightseeing vacation you might need painkiller medicines. It is might good to know what kind of painkillers and medications you can buy in pharmacies without prescription.