Interesting facts of Buda Castle – part 1

Buda Castle is the heart of Buda, one of the most famous attractions in Budapest. Along with its significant history it has several less known stories.
Here are some interesting facts of Buda Castle which may inspire you to travel to Budapest city.

1. The oldest building in Budapest

Did you know that the most oldest building in Budapest is located in the Buda Castle?
Its called Red Hedgehog House. This house was built more than 700 hundred years ago, in 1260.
The Red Hedgehog House has a very colourful story and it played many roles over the years.
Under the middle window you can see the Red Hedgehog, the symbol of the building.
Location: Hess András Square 3.

2. The oldest Confectionery of Budapest

The Ruszwurm Confectionery started its operation in 1827 located in the Buda Castle.
Desserts and cakes were carried from Ruszwurm Confectionery for the members of Royal Family in the past.
The building survived the siege of Buda in 1849 and still working uninterruptedly.
Location: Szentháromság street 7.

3. Statue of András Hadik Hussar

In the Buda Castle you can find the statue of Andras Hadik who was a Hungarian Hussar in the 18th century.
The statue is mostly covered with green rust, except for one area: the horse’s testicals.
Students preparing for engineering come here to polish this part of the horse. According to traditions, this custom will bring good luck for their exams.
Location: Úri street

4. Tactile – Invisible

The Tactile-Invisble is a releif of the Fisherman’s Bastion and Church Matthias.
The relief allows blind people to feel these attractions of Buda Castle.
The important information of the buildings are provided on the relief with Braille writing.
Location: Holy Trinity Square

5. Did you know about Fisherman’s Bastion?
Fisherman's Bastion

The 7 towers of the Bastion represents the Seven Chieftains of the Hungarians. They were the leaders of the Seven Tribes who played an important role in the Hungarian conquest. You can enjoy an almost 200 degree panorama from the top Fisherman’s Bastion.The dome of the Parliament and St. Stephen’s Basilica are exactly 96 meters high. This refers to the year of the Hungarian conquest in 896.

Location: Fisherman’s Bastion

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