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Find your itinerary to Budapest

As part of the Itinerary Planning service I explore Budapest from week to week to create 1-day itineraries based on different interests. The below itineraries are great guidelines to get to know better Budapest. The prices you see on each offer shows the expected cost for the suggested programs. After selecting the preferred offer(s) it can be customized according to your preferences and needs.

Historical Experiences in Buda

Spend a day in the Buda side of the city. Explore the historical Buda Castle, visit Jewish and Turkish monuments...

from 10 100 HUF


City Adventures around the Parliament

Start your day with a guided tour in the Parliament building then discover the famous sights along the Danube...

from 16 100 HUF



A Day of Classical Music

Learn about the history of Hungarian musical culture, listen to an organ concert and take a guided tour...

from 11 400 HUF


Family Fun in Budapest

Spend a fun day in Budapest Zoo and take part in interactive programs at 'Once Upon a Castle'...

from 9 200 HUF


for Families

City Adventures in Pest

Explore the 1000th years of Hungarian history, walk along Andr├íssy avenue the grand boulevard and discover...

from 14 000 HUF


Culinary Day in Budapest

Discover the Great Market Hall and taste the culinary specialities of Hungary. Take a walk along the banks of Danube river. Enjoy an evening wine tasting in the...

from 12 300 HUF



Discover Cultural Heritage

Visit the Holy Crown of Hungary in the Parliament building. Learn about the Jewish history of Budapest and get to...

from 15 400 HUF



Hungarian Specialities

Start your day with a guided tour by learning the history of our famous herb liqueur. Enjoy a traditional Hungarian lunch in the city center then...

from 19 600 HUF


Let me know your interest

In case you already have an idea on what places and sights would you like to visit in Budapest but don’t know how to organise your day, let me know your preferences and I will create your itinerary

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