Legendary Sights

Buda Castle Quarter

Buda Castle Quarter is the oldest area of Budapest filled with medieval and centuries-old buildings.  

The Castle was home to the Hungarian kings and a stronghold against battles in the Middle-Ages.

Several parts of the complex was rebuilt over history, but nowadays

Buda Castle became a symbol of Hungarian Nation featuring the most stunning architectural masterpieces rising above the city.

Gellért Hill

Gellért hill

Located in a centred area of the city, this magical mountain attracts visitors to discover its charming beauty. 

Gellért hill gives home to several unique monuments.

The most known historical attraction on the hill is the Citadel with the Liberty statue located on the highest point of the mountain.

Andrássy Avenue

andrassy avenue

Andrássy avenue is a world heritage listed boulevard built by the hands of professionals,

extends for 2,4 kilometres ensuring an elegant connection between the city centre and Heroes’ Square.

The aristocratic avenue is lined with exquisite buildings, Art Nouveau mansions and presents the Hungarian State Opera House, the most majestic cultural building in Budapest.

The avenue also gives home to grand cafés, upscale boutiques and art galleries as well.

Heroes' Square

Heroes’ Square is the most major and spacious square in Budapest.

Representing the thousandth –year Hungarian history,

Heroes’ Square presents the Seven chieftains of the Hungarians with the statue of Archangel Gabriel in the centre,

and gives home to the tombstone of the ‘Unknown Soldier’.

The semi-circular colonnade features the finest rulers of Hungarian history.

The square is surrounded by two important buildings, the Museum of Fine Arts and the ‘Hall of Arts’.

City Park

vajdahunyad castle

City Park is one of the outstanding masterpieces of the Hungarian Millennium Celebrations,

offering pleasant outdoor activities for families, couples and elderly throughout the year.

The dominant building complex of City Park is the wonderful and romantic Vajdahunyad Castle, showcasing the history of Hungarian architecture.

City Park also gives home to the largest bathing complex in Europe, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath.