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Enjoy the perfect honeymoon in the wonderful and romantic capital city of Hungary. Let us show you the most romantic places and recommend such activities what will definitely complete your romantic journey. During your trip you will discover the most charming sites, eat in the best restaurants and visit Budapest’s stunning sights. All experiences are designed to provide a wonderful honeymoon and to make sure you will experience Budapest in a unique way, aside from the typical.


Castle Apartments Budapest

Spend a luxurious honeymoon in the elegant and harmonic Castle Apartments Budapest located in the magical neighbourhood of Buda Castle Quarter. Sitting right on the top of the castle walls, Castle Apartments offer the most historic and romantic setting for honeymooners.


Buda Castle Walking Tour

Walk hand in hand with your partner on the cobblestoned streets of Buda Castle. Discover the medieval neighbourhood, fascinating monuments and enjoy the charming ambience of this prestigious area. During your walk you will meet a part of Hungarian history, stunning architecture and masterpieces of the Renaissance. The neighbourhood is not only a cradle of culture and history, but it is also a place where to share romantic moments with each other. Whether you would like to explore the Buda Castle individually or take part in a private guided walking tour, you are guaranteed an excellent experience.

Danube River Cruise

Enjoy a private river cruise and marvel at the stunning sights and landscapes lined on the banks of Danube river. Admire the stunning sunset or the sparkling city lights from the waves of the river. Whether you are spending your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary or you would just simply surprise your partner, a luxury boat trip is a perfect choice for a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Sightseeing in the City Centre

Discover the aristocratic downtown in Budapest, and visit world-famous iconic buildings, such as the House of Parliament and St. Stephen’s Basilica. No Budapest vacation can be complete without discovering the city centre and walking along the Danube promenade of Pest. Lined with glamorous buildings and historical statues, the banks of Danube are part of UNESCO World Heritage in which they are described as “one of the world outstanding urban landscapes”.

Photo Shoot in Budapest

Treasure your memories by starring in a photo shoot in the most romantic places of Budapest. A professional photographer will take you to special neighbourhoods, charming gardens and landscapes where she will capture the best moments of you. Why not take part in a one-hour long unforgettable experience and take home the best pictures. You will receive 15-20 perfectly designed digital photos ready for printing.

Wine Tasting

No culinary adventure can be completed without tasting exquisite Hungarian wines. By taking part in a wine tasting experience you will not only enjoy the quality essence of Hungarian wines, but you will also learn about famous wine regions and wine making procedures. Budapest welcomes guests in classy wine bars and wine cellars where you can truly enjoy a pleasant evening with your friends while sampling the finest wines of the country.

Day trip in Szentendre

Spend a romantic day in a gorgeous, cute little town located on the Danube Bend where you will get to discover a truly unique atmosphere. Szentendre is known as the artistic town with culturally rich buildings, beautiful churches, museums and galleries. Whether you would like to take a private tour to the city or a boat excursion we will plan the perfect trip for you what fit your needs.

What's Included

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from €788/trip

  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • Transfer from & to airport/Car parking
  • Public transportation passes
  • Entrance fees

Travel Design Fee


  • Help to make Bookings and Reservations
  • Arrange Transfer or Car parking
  • Help for using public transportation
  • Recommendations where to eat
  • Expert local guides
  • Insurance, Visa requirements
  • Assistance from start to finish

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Luxury Honeymoon in Budapest

5day Example Trip

from €788/trip

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Tailor-Made Getaways to Budapest

We create various types of itineraries to Budapest to provide you a unique experience released from the typical. With the professional work of our Budapest travel designers our aim is to show you why Budapest is so exceptional. Each of our example itineraries will be completely customized to meet your preferences and to ensure that you will have a lifetime experience in the Hungarian capital.

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