Medical treatments are important for patients who seeks specific health interventions. The specific medical interventions include conventional medical treatments possibly supplemented with therapeutic services. When using medical service, the most important aspect is to receive high-quality support, advanced technology and instant access.

The Hungarian private health care clinics and hospitals deliver high standard of care with exclusive environment and equipped with the most up-to-date innovative devices with high-end technology. Internationally recognised senior experts with prominent professional experience help prevent, quickly, accurately diagnose and develop the most appropriate treatment strategy for the patient’s specific characteristics. The team of the health care facilities dedicated to provide to you the maximum professional care for your well-being throughout the treatment process. Let us describe dental solutions and plastic surgeries, which are the most commonly used medical treatments performed in Hungary. 


Hungary has been Europe’s first dental destination in 2018, and every year there are more visitors arriving to the Hungarian capital to seek dental treatments. Dental clinics in Budapest are equipped with the latest technology and providing quality dental care. You will be in good hands of professionals, skilled and highly educated dentists ensuring excellent services in a pleasant atmosphere. Due to the strict Hungarian dental regulations, patients can accept trusted and high-quality dental treatments. When finding the perfect dental clinic, the first aspect is to receive an affordable, reliable and safe treatment which patients will appreciate.


Hungary has became an increasingly popular destination for visitors whishing to receive plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The number of foreign travellers of …. have been increasingly növekedett in the past few years. Budapest provides highly qualified surgeons, luxurious environment and simplified trusted systems which attract a great number of patients. A wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures are available in Budapest. From facial surgeries to complex medical operations, the … are dedicated to provide the opportunity to everyone to receive plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. As trusted surgeons are highly educated, board-certified and constantly receiving practical training, you will be guaranteed an excellent service.

How to choose your plastic surgeon?

Traveling to a foreign city for receiving cosmetic surgery is a very serious decision. The result of a plastic surgery will determine your every day routine and aims to provide you more self-convenience in the future. We believe, that it is very important to make sure you find out if your plastic surgeon has the right qualifications. Finding the right doctor is the first and most important step before undergoing a cosmetic surgery. Therefore, we have collected the top qualities which a plastic surgeon should have.

1. MPHEST Membership

Being a member of an officially registered surgeon association ensures you a professional service and expertise doctor. These organizations only recruit members who performs their work and in line with the Hungarian legislation and with sufficient expertise and the maximum level of precision . The Hungarian Plastic Surgeon Association (MPHEST) guarantees that it members are fully qualified and applies to the regulations.

2. Board certification

Having a board certification is an important aspect when choosing a surgeon. A CE Mark certificate is needed in order to commercialize a medical device in the European Union. The certificate assures that the EU Medical Device Directive applies to the medical devices. Having a certification guarantees patients to receive trusted service and verifies that devices meet all regulatory requirements. An FDA certification helps to ensure the quality and safety of breast implants. Implants qualified for FDA ensure that its user will receive a high-quality and certified product.