Itinerary Planning Service

See You In Budapest is my official website where I provide Itinerary Offers for people who are planning to visit Budapest. Most of you have already booked your trip and accomodation and now only searching for sightseeing tours and activities. I know how time consuming it can be to find all information about a foreign city and put together your itinerary. Therefore, I would like to help you with the planning and organising.

I offer different types of 1-Day Itineraries which can be customized according to your needs. I suggest self-guided sightseeing experiences and activities by which you can explore Budapest on your own way. I recommend historical sights, places to visit, self-guided walking route ideas and much more. During the planning I help you with the reservations and answer any of your questions related to your trip. I also provide personal support during your stay in Budapest in case of any questions.
The prices shown on each itinerary offer is an estimated cost of the recommended programs for one day/person. You will pay all these costs (e.g. admission fees, ticket prices, transportation fees) directly to the service provider companies. 

Pricing for Itinerary Planning service
1 day itinerary planning is 9 500 HUF (approx. 30€)
2-3 day itinerary planning is 8 800 HUF/day (approx. 28€)
4-5 day itinerary planning is 7 800 HUF/day (approx. 16€)

The price includes unlimited travelers, program offers and consultation time.

What does my service include, what can you expect?

Free Itinerary Overview

After you have sent your request you will receive an overview of the chosen itinerary which includes a brief summary of the suggested program ideas, the exact prices of entrance fees, transportation ticket prices and also the fee for the itinerary planning as well

Itinerary in PDF

You can expect a step-by-step itinerary in PDF which includes the most detailed information about your trip. Including general introduction to Budapest, daily time schedule, detailed instruction to each program and other useful travel tips and information

Discussion via e-mail

All discussions will happen via e-mail during the planning. In case you have any questions related to your trip or itinerary I will respond to your questions as soon as possible

Personal Support

I provide personal support during your stay in Budapest. This means, if you have any questions related to your itinerary you can contact me and I will gladly help you

How does the process work?


Choose your Itinerary

Select the itinerary type(s) which one like most and fill out the request form to receive the the overview of your itinerary and a proforma invoice. I will send you the documentations within 1 day.


Confirm your Order

In case you have found the itinerary overview okay you can make the payment by bank transfer or credit card of the itinerary planning service. By making the payment you confirm your order and I will begin to start creating your itinerary.


Receive your Itinerary

You will receive your step-by-step and customized ititnerary within 3-5 days from accepting your order. In case you have any issues or questions related to your received itinerary you can contact me any time.

About me



Welcome to my website! I live in Budapest and travel around the city from week to week to explore many program possibilities. I create different types of itineraries and suggest the greatest places for you to have the perfect stay in Budapest.