Budapest Trip Planning

Plan your Budapest Trip

With Jessica

Take advantage of the BUDAPEST TRIP PLANNING service

to receive the best options what match your interest and budget

Trip Planning fee: € 50/trip

Planning a trip to a foreign city might take a lot of effort these days, especially if you want to execute properly.

There are so much information out there which makes the process of planning even more challenging.

As part of the service, I will
  • help you find proper accommodation what matches your requirements and budget
  • offer sightseeing programmes what suits your interest
  • share up-to-date travel advices on public transport, transfer options, currency and payment issues
  • gladly assist you during your trip in case of any questions

What to expect from the

Budapest Trip Planning service?

Personalized Planning

You’re trip will be completely customized to your preferences. you’ll only receive accommodation and program offers that meet your needs.

Travel Advices

You’ll receive up-to-date travel tips and advices to create smart travel plans and become better prepared for your Budapest trip.

No Risk Payment

You’ll pay all costs directly to the service providers. I only charge a one-time planning fee and send you the invoice at the end of the process.

Booking with Confidence

I check availability and assist you with the booking process. You’ll make direct bookings and payment to the service providers to get the most favourable prices. 

Insider Knowledge

As I live in Budapest, I actively take part in sightseeing activities to only recommend programmes and places what I have personally experienced. 

Personal Assistance

I answer any of your questions during the planning and gladly assist you during your stay.

Personalized Trips. Smarter Travel.

Creating awareness of a better kind of travel has become more essential than ever. Nowadays, the wide variety of travel information and uncertainty makes it even harder to gain a clear overview of what we're looking for. Therefore, my aim is very simple: helping you make informed choices to become better prepared and confident about your trip to Budapest and creating a trip tailored to your personality to have a meaningful experience. I believe that hand-crafting a trip to your interest and giving essential travel advices will create awareness of a meaningful and better kind of travel.

How it works?

In a Nutshell


Send your request via live chat or using the contact form below. We’ll get in touch to discuss your needs, interest and budget.


You’ll receive a personalized list of apartments, program and tour offers. Also, you’ll get help with transfer, public transport and currency issues.


Book your accommodation and programmes what suits you best (you can ask for help).
You’ll receive the invoice of the planning service.

Get in touch

Get in touch via live chat where I gladly answer any of your questions quickly as possible. Send your message through the chat window below.