5th District, the heart of Budapest

5th district

Charming, narrow streets, glamorous hotels, luxurious buildings and elegant environment all characterizes the City Centre of Budapest.

Located on the Pest river bank, the wonderful panorama of the Danube river and the vibrating life of Budapest attracts many visitors each year.

As one of the best walking district, the neighbourhood offers the most cultural sights and legendary buildings to discover just in a short walking distance.

The 5th district is home to the Hungarian Parliament building, St. Stephen’s Basilica and numerous prestigious buildings lined on the banks of Danube river.

The city centre of Budapest is an enchanting neighbourhood providing an aristocratic atmosphere and presenting the elegant charm of Budapest’s city life.

6th District, the most prominent quarter of Pest

6th district

Lose yourself in the noble and stylish neighbourhood of Budapest.

Located on the Pest side of the city, the 6th district is the most imposing and expensive neighbourhood in the city.

With its world-famous grand boulevard, it attracts many visitors to discover its elegant cafés, upscale boutiques, glamorous buildings and exclusive art galleries.

A stay in the 6th district allows you the experience fine dining, drinking coffee and being part of Budapest’s vibrant cultural lifestyle.

7th District, the Jewish Quarter

7th distr

As being the smallest neighbourhood in Pest, the 7th district has the most highest population density.

Representing the bohemian lifestyle of Budapest, the 7th district is known for its artistic ruin pubs, creative bistros and unique bars.

What brings an outstanding value to the neighbourhood is the historical Jewish quarter presenting Europe’s largest Jewish house of worship, the Dohány street’s synagogue.

Beyond the Jewish quarter the neighbourhood also gives home to one of the most glamorous coffee houses in Pest, the New York Café.

The colourful café and retro bar scenes, cultural diversity and bohemian lifestyle will provide a perfect stay in 7th district for your visit.