Practical Info

General Guidelines

general info

"become better prepared"

Being well prepared for your Budapest visit is an important step before your travel.

Here you’ll find the main guidelines of Budapest, including general info, visa requirements and internet options.

Public Transportation

tram ride

"enjoy the city like a local"

Getting around Budapest is easy, inexpensive and efficient .

The ‘Centre for Budapest Transport’, known as BKK, provides a very detailed guideline on the several travel options in Budapest.

In this article you can find out the basics on how to easily navigate around the city.

In Case of Emergency

What to do_

"what to do"

Hopefully, you’ll have a smooth and accident-free trip in Budapest where everything goes perfectly and you can enjoy your sightseeing vacation.

In certain cases when accidents and emergencies occur you must be well-prepared to properly handle these situations.

Here’s a list of the most general emergency cases and services at your service.