Boating or Skating on City Park Lake

Boating or Skating on City Park Lake

Years and years earlier City Park used to be a swampy area with no interesting sights and facilities, but nowadays it became a popular, romantic and cultural attraction in Budapest. The 1000th anniversary of Hungarian concquest was celebrated in 1896, and for this reason many buildings, art works and cultural monuments were born in the city. During this period, City Park started to develop as well. Many people like to spend their time in this unique neighbourhood to relax or refresh a little bit.

Interesting to know, that in the 1870s ice skating was considered as an improper winter sport among nobles. At first, ice skating were allowed and accepted for men only, however, as the years went by ladies could enjoy this activity too. The ice skating rink became another meeting point for young adults that time, making possible to get to know each other.

From Spring to Autumn you can enjoy boating. For this season a part of the pool is filled with used termal water coming from Széchenyi Thermal Bath. The area of the lake is more than 30 thousand square meters, it usually takes 5 days to fill up the area. During winter season you can enjoy skating on the Ice Rink in City Park. Besides outdoor skating, international ice skating competitions are held here. The ice skating rink located in Budapest is the second oldest rink in Europe.

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