Best places with scenic views in Budapest

Best Places With Scenic Views in Budapest

A great number of visitors are traveling to Budapest to discover its fascinating landmarks and experience the city’s cultural lifestyle. No Budapest vacation can be missed without observing the architectural masterpieces and stunning views from the highest points of the city. We have collected our favourite places where you can take the greatest photos of Budapest while admiring its timeless allure.

Budapest Eye

Experience an unforgettable ride on Budapest Eye and discover the city’s amazing view as you haven’t seen it before. Budapest Eye is recognised as the largest Ferris Wheel in the Hungarian capital. All famous sights can be seen from the giant wheel. You can observe the Danube river, Buda Castle, and the tower of St. Stephen’s Basilica. The highest point of the wheel is 65 meters and one ride includes 3 complete rounds. Tickets for Budapest Eye can be purchased on spot. 


Tower of St. Stephen's Basilica

Observe a breath taking panoramic view over Budapest from the Panorama Tower of St. Stephen’s Basilica. St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest catholic church in Budapest located in the city centre. By climbing up on the 145 steps of the spiral staircase or by taking the elevator, you will arrive to the highest point of the Basilica from where you can admire the stunning landscape of Budapest. Tickets to the tower can be purchased at the entrance on spot.

bp eye

Fisherman's Bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the most famous landmarks in Budapest. Located in the medieval Buda Castle Quarter it serves as a specifically unique venue for taking creative and inspiring sightseeing photographs. By placing your camera in front of the arches towards the Danube river, you can capture a stunning view of the Pest side of the city, including the Parliament building and the legendary bridges. Sit down on one of the stone benches of the Bastion and shoot sensational photos with spectacular backdrops. We recommend every visitor to admire this spectacular sight of Budapest.


Tower of Matthias Church

Situated in the centred area of Buda Castle Quarter, Matthias Church is a dominant monument in the Castle neighbourhood. Visitors who climb the narrow spiral staircase of the tower can observe the stunning sights of Budapest, all the way from Margaret Island to the Liberty Statue. Take spectacular photographs of the royal cityscape of Buda and the urban landscape of Pest. Watch the river boats gliding down the Danube river while enjoying the panoramic view of the Hungarian capital.

matthias tower

Gellért Hill

In case you are in the mood to discover Budapest on foot, then take your direction towards Gellért Hill and walk to the top. However, there are many towers and rooftops in the city where you can admire Budapest’s cityscape, the most world-famous photographs of Budapest are taken from the Citadel. From here you can capture the sparkling nightlights of the Buda Castle, the majestic Parliament building and the towers of St. Stephen’s Basilica. The best time to take photos of Budapest from Gellért Hill is at late afternoon when the glittering sunlight is reflecting off the Danube.


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