Spend a day in Budapest Zoo!

Spend a day in Budapest Zoo

One of our weekend activity was to spend a day in Budapest Zoo. We were little kids when we last visited the zoo, but since then it has developed and extended with many children-friendly areas. As many animal and plant species can be discovered we have summarised our best experiences including lots of pictures. 

America Tropicana

In this showroom you can discover tropical plants and animals native to America. In some parts of the building you feel like walking in tropical rainforest where you can meet with colourful birds. Different kind of exotic animals are presented as well such as the American Alligator and Green Anaconda. You can get into the Aquarium establishment through one of the side wings where species of Tropical America are introduced, like freshwater rays, electric eels and so on. As part of the establishment you can also see giant sea otters who are very cute animals swimming around in the water.



This region has many parts to discover: by walking along the Australian Path you can meet with animals in the Australian showroom and the Australian and Wombat House as well . The Australian zone gives home to species of Kangaroos, Wombats, exotic birds as the Cassowaries and reptiles from the southern continent. Some of the Kangaroos come so near to the fence that sometimes you can easily pet them.


The Little Rock

Despite its name the Little Rock is not so little, actually its a quite large establishment which is exciting to discover. While climbing up on the hill you may see such animals like Polar Bears, Penguins and Sea Dogs. In case you get hungry for a hamburger or thirsty for a juice you will find a Bufé and restaurant for your service within the Rock.



The Savanna zone introduces indigenous species from the African Savanna. Mostly you can see large mammals such as giraffe, zebra, elephant, rhinoceros and camels. If you’re lucky, you can attract some of them to the fence with some zoo biscuits. The camels especially like these kind of treats.

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