State Opera House

State Opera House

Situated on Andrassy avenue, the Hungarian State Opera House is one of the most prestigious cultural buildings in Budapest. Constructed in the time of Austrian – Hungarian Monarchy, it became the most outstanding cultural establishment in that period. Although the Opera was built hundred of years ago, the acoustics there are still considered amongst the world’s finest. The neo-renaissance palace attracts the admirers of opera and ballet, presenting well-known Hungarian and international performances, contemporary works, as well as musicals, ballets and orchestra concerts.

Visiting State Opera House

Every inch of the Opera House provides a memorable experience. The neo-renaissance architecture, elegant colours and beautiful frescos generate a harmonised composition which fascinate thousands of visitors to discover this national monument. Explore the beautiful interior of this representative building and learn about the high cultural standards of Hungarian musical works. A guided tour in the Opera House offers a glimpse into the neo-renaissance palace, visiting the most breath-taking sights and impressive monuments and marble statues. During your visit you will be led through the building by a professional and friendly tour guide and also invited for a 10-12 minute mini concert performed by 2 opera singers.

The State Opera House is located in the 6th district, on the glamorous Andrassy avenue of Budapest. The building can be easily accessible with metro line 1 or by walking from Deák Square. The Opera invites visitors for a 50 minute guided tour on a daily basis at 3pm and 4pm without pre-registration. Entrance tickets can be purchased on spot. Taking pictures is allowed in all parts of the building. It is worth to note, that currently the Opera House is under construction works therefore certain parts of the building can not be visited.

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