Taxis in Budapest

Taxis in Budapest

Several taxi companies provide transportation service all across the city. Booking a taxi is fairly a perfect choice to avoid public transportation and use private service. Not to mention, if you are traveling with heavy luggage then taxi service might be a more convenient solution for your travel. We have collected all necessary information what you need to about Budapest taxis in order to choose the most trusted service providers and avoid taxi scams.

General Information

Taxi companies in Budapest are all regulated by the law. All taxi vehicles are painted in yellow and must be identified with a sign marked ‘Taxi’. Taxis are uniformly equipped with a yellow license plate and a taximeter, bank card reading providing receipt of your travel. The receipt includes the name of the driver and the payable amount of your fare. Taxi services equally use fixed tariffs. Base fare 700 HUF, Time-based fare 75 HUF/min, Distance-based fare 300 HUF/km. Most of the taxi companies have an English-speaking telephone operator and you may ask for an English-speaking driver. It is worth to order taxi by telephone rather than catching from the street, as some drivers can highly overcharge tourists for this service.

Mobile Applications

Make your travel more convenient and save time by ordering your taxi through an online application. Several taxi companies developed a helpful mobile app to provide guests a timesaving and effective solution for booking a taxi. After ordering, you can monitor the taxi’s arrival on a Budapest map. What you need to do is to download the certain application, enable GPS location on your mobile then click on the “Order Taxi” function to start the booking.

Qualified Taxi Companies

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