Traveling to Budapest in 2020

Traveling to Budapest in 2020

Have you already started to plan your holiday this year? Perhaps you’re thinking about traveling to Budapest? Based on past years results, Budapest has become one of the most popular European destination. More and more tourists are arriving to the continuously evolving city. Hungary is now experiencing the “golden age” of tourism. In this article we have highlighted the main reasons why its worth visiting Budapest in 2020.

Budapest is still safe to visit

Budapest has been recognized as “Europe Best Destination” in 2019 and more and more foreign guests are traveling to Hungary. Comparing Budapest to other European cities, it is an exceptionally safe city to visit. The Hungarian Government pays special attention to keep Budapest safe for tourists as well as for locals and put a lot of effort to expand tourism in Hungary. The continuously developing Hungary makes Budapest an even more attractive city for tourists in 2020.

Family-friendly Budapest

Travel to Budapest with your whole family! Family-friendly travel not only involves parents with little children, but its also about having a great time with older family members, as grandparents and the elderly. The Hungarian capital is also well prepared for welcoming and entertaining families of several ages. Family-friendly apartments, accessible accommodation and restaurants are available for guests. Popular family places, green areas, playgrounds and several active programmes will entertain your children during your stay. Considering Budapest’s infrastructure, the public transportation is fast and excellent, famous places are easily accessible. Budapest is a great choice for a family travel.

Good Value for Money

According to Lonely Planet, Budapest has earned the second place for “Best Value Destination” for an affordable travel. Compared to other Western cities, such as Prague or Vienna, Budapest is considered to be an inexpensive city. Looking for a well-equipped, clean and good-located apartment? Searching for in-depth experiences, sightseeing programmes and private tours? Well, Budapest offers good value accommodation and rich experiences at an affordable price.

Hungarian Culinary Culture

A renewal of Hungarian gastronomy has been taking place in the past few years which brought new ingredients into the cuisine and highlighted the diversity of gastro-culture. Discover how Hungarian specialities and drinks are made. A wide range of professional tours and cooking classes await visitors to gain insight to Hungarian cuisine. From year to year more and more gastronomic events are taking place in Budapest, such as wine and beer festivals what attract many visitors each year. For a unique gastronomic adventure, Budapest will be the best choice for your taste.

Hungarian Bathing Culture

Experiencing Hungarian bathing culture is a must-do experience for every visitor. According to surveys, Budapest’s baths were visited by more than 5 million guests in 2019 which was a significant increase over the previous year. Hungarian Spa culture goes way back in Roman times when the tradition of using thermal waters began. Allow yourself to relax in one of the imposing thermal baths in Budapest and feel the wonderful and healing touch of these magical waters.

Upcoming Festivals in 2020

Budapest vibrating cultural lifestyle also should be noted.  As last year, several cultural events, musical and theatrical performances will be held in the Hungarian capital in 2020 as well. Cultural performances will take place in the most prestigious buildings and theatres in Budapest. We have listed the most popular festivals upcoming in 2020:

Whether you’re thinking about visiting the Hungarian capital or you have already decided, there is no doubt that Budapest is a great choice for your 2020 European travel destination.

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