Vigado Concert Hall

Vigado Concert Hall

Stated on the wonderful river bank of Pest, the Vigado Concert Hall started its operation in the 19th century and was the centre of social and cultural life in Budapest. The Vigado gave home to luxurious balls and music concerts in the past, even Hungary’s most revered musical son, Franz Liszt returned several times to perform music concerts. This cultural institution aims to preserve the cultural diversity of Budapest and keeps entertaining the visitors with artistic exhibitions, high quality theatrical performances and music concerts throughout the year.

Visiting Vigado Concert Hall

The Vigado invites visitors to explore its wonderful history, beautiful interior and breath taking panorama. Within a scheduled guided tour, an expertise guide will walk you through the building, introducing the cultural venues and ceremonial halls while revealing the colourful story of the building. The Vigado gives home to permanent exhibitions, highlighting the most momentous events during Hungarian history. Enjoy and educational and entertaining tour where you will not only learn about secrets and background stories of the Vigado but also get a glimpse of Hungarian cultural history and its importance. At the end of the tour, let your self be amazed by the stunning view of Budapest on the Panoramic Terrace, presenting a beautiful panoramic view of the Buda side, all the way from Gellért Hill to Buda Castle.

The Vigado Concert Hall is located in the 5th district, the heart of Budapest on the Pest riverbank. The building can be easily accessible with tram line 2. The Vigado welcomes visitors for a 1-hour guided tour according to a pre-announced schedule. Entrance tickets should be booked in advance online through the official website. Taking pictures is allowed in all parts of the building. 

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