Roam the streets of Buda Castle Hill

Roam the streets of Buda Castle Hill

One of our favourite places in Budapest is the Buda Castle Quarter. As you probably already know, Buda Castle is the most famous and visited attraction in Budapest and has many less known interesting facts. Many historical events took place in this area during the centuries. You can find monuments and architectural styles remained form the Rennaisance, the 145-year Ottoman era and traces of World War II. We can continue its colorful history for a long time, however in this post we highlighted other qualities about Buda Castle.

Panoramic View of Budapest

By roaming the streets of Buda Castle, don’t forget to take photos of the beautiful view over Budapest. There are plenty of places where you can see the city from different angles. For those who are in good shape, they can climb the stairs of the tower of Church Mary Magadalena or Church Matthias. Not many people know, but you can also see a wonderful view from the dome of the Hungarian National Gallery as well.


Cave System Under Castle Hill

Did you know that an old cave system is located under the area of Castle Hill? It forms a complete city under the surface. This underground system served different kind of purposes during history, it sheltered many people in World War II and also operated as a hospital. Most parts of the caves are only accessible for specialist, but some sections can be discovered by the visitors too. You can take a guided tour in the Hospital in the Rock Museum or explore the Buda Castle Labyrinth.

Picturesque Promenade

The most famous walkway in Buda Castle is the Tóth Árpád promenade. It can be said, that this is the most beautiful promenade in the Castle Quarter. Not only tourists enjoy walking along the promenade, but you can also see local people spending their afternoon there by sitting on a bench reading a book, walking their dog or playing with their kids. We made pretty good photos about the promenade in each season.


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