What is Hungarikum?

What is Hungarikum?

Have you ever heard about Hungarikum? Probably you will come across this expression during your trip in Budapest. In this article we’ve clarified the meaning of Hungarikum and collected “must-to-taste” delicacies and “must-to-visit” sites what have been officially classified as Hungarikum.

According to the website of Hungarikums, the official definition of Hungarikum is:

a collective term representing the high performance of Hungarian people due to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality. Hungarikums were established and declared by the Hungarian Government in 2012 on the purpose to give a legal frame to Hungarian people to specify their own national values.

What can be considered as Hungarikum?

  • outstanding value of the Hungarian people
  • natural values under protection
  • national products of a superior standard
  • classified as hungarikums by the Hungarikum Committee

What kind of Hungarikums can you taste in Budapest?

Unicum Liqueur

Unicum Liqueur is a traditional national drink of Hungary which is served in almost every bar and restaurant in Budapest. In Hungarian customs Unicum is an essential beverage at a family gathering and it is always a popular drink for celebrations as well.  Zwack Unicum liqueur was invented in 1790 by one of the Zwack family’s member, Doctor Joseph Zwack. Originally Unicum was created as an aid for indigestion and its composition is made from over forty herbs all over the world.


Palinka is fruit distillate which is produced from fruits or grape marc specifically grown and produced in Hungary. It has an alcohol percentage of at least 37,5% and contains no extra additives. Usually, Hungarians serve it before or after a meal. Due to its high alcohol percentage and intensity it is an ideal beverage with spicy dishes.

Chimney Cake

Chimney Cake is a very delicious, sweet pastry roll what is covered with sugar and flavoured by cocoa, cinnamon or crushed walnut. The variations do not stop there. Chimney cake also can be filled with sweet delicacies, as ice ream, and also often served with savoury fillings topped with sausage. You can find chimney cakes at many venues across the city, especially at Christmas fair’s and festivals.  

Ground Paprika

Ground paprika is a tasty herb what has become an essential ingredient in many Hungarian soups and dishes. However paprika originates from North America, it was brought to the Carpathian Basin during the Ottoman empire in the 16th and 17th century. From the mid-1900 paprika ranges from sweet to extremely hot. The Hungarian national dishes including paprika are: Goulash, Paprika Gravy (Paprikash), Meat stew.

PICK and HERZ Winter Salami

Pick and Herz Winter salami is a special meat product produced by centuries-old traditions. Winter salami is made with premium category raw meat, natural herbs and spices. During the procedure, winter salami is smoked slowly what gives a unique aroma to the meat. PICK and HERZ is the best-known meat industry brand name.

Hungarian Goulash Soup

The main ingredients of Goulash are onion, beef and of course ground paprika, prepared with dumplings and potatoes. Goulash has became one of the most popular meals in Hungary, everyone who visits the country should try this delicious soup.

What kind of Hungarikums can you visit in Budapest?

Budapest World Heritage Sites

Budapest World Heritage Sites are the most beautiful and historic sites of the city. Listed items on the Pest embankment of the Danube are: House of Parliament, Academy of Sciences and Gresham Palace. On the Buda side, world heritage sites are: Buda Castle District, Gellért Hill and Gellért Bath. Moreover, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee has listed the view of the Danube embankments as well as Andrássy Avenue and Heroe’s Square.

Hungarian Operetta

Operetta is a humorous theatre piece including singing and dancing. Usually, the main story is about love. The creation of Hungarian operettas started in the 18th century. Since then, Hungarian operetta has become very acknowledged throughout the world. The repertoire of Hungarian theatre’s contains world-famous musical shows introducing the work of well-known Hungarian music composers. Since 2014, Hungarian Operetta became a part of Hungarian cultural heritage.

Folk Dance

Hungarian Folk Dance is a type of dance what reflects the traditional life of Hungary. Based on centuries old music and dance traditions, Hungarian Folk Ensembles perform spectacular dance shows on the stages of Budapest’s prestigious cultural venues. All choreographies include authentic dances and showcasing traditional costumes.

Source: Duna Művészegyüttes - facebook page

source: www.hungarikum.hu

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