What is Budapest in Winter?

What is Budapest in Winter?

Offering a festive atmosphere, decorated boulevards and mouth-watering sweet treats, Budapest is a popular travel destination in the winter season as well. However the weather gets cold and days are shorter from December to February, the vibrant lifestyle of Budapest does not stand still.

What to do in Budapest in the winter?

December is the season of celebrations when you can revel in the holiday spirit. Sparkling lights, smell of sweet mulled wine and freshly baked chimney cakes are just a few things what draw visitors from around the world to enjoy this magical time of year. Aside from Christmas shopping, winter is always a good time to do indoor activities. For the fans of art&culture, you can discover the city’s artistic landscape. From visiting museums and art galleries to a theatrical performance, the opportunities are countless.

January and February are considered to be the coldest and also snowiest months in winter, but of course not all days are cloudy, we often have sunny days too. In these months you can take advantage of low season when there are smaller crowds, short lines and favourable prices. Enjoy a few hours in one of Budapest’s historic thermal baths, have a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, attend a music concert or visit gastro festivals.

No matter which month you visit Budapest in winter, it is guaranteed that you will have the best time!

Average Temperature in Budapest in winter

Month Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature
3°C / 37F
-1°C / 30F
1°C / 34F
-3°C / 27F
4°C / 39F
-2°C / 28F

What to pack for Winter?

Winter in Budapest can be really chilli and sometimes rainy therefore we recommend to pack warm clothing. Winter coat, turtleneck sweaters, long-sleeved tops and wool socks are good options to wear in the cold. It is also a good idea to bring waterproof boots and umbrella in case of rainy days. Also, don’t forget to pack your scarf, gloves, and warm hat. A well- prepared clothing will allow you a seamless vacation and enjoyable stay in the city.

Budapest winter Gallery

Despite the windy and cold weather, Budapest’s attractions remain popular to visit, moreover the city has a very special vibe this time of year especially when its covered with snow. Let us show you the most beautiful sights and parts of the city what dazzle many visitor each winter.

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