What To See In Budapest

With Budapest’s wonderful history, cultural lifestyle and majestic sights, it captures the heart of many visitors each year. Whether its your first time or you are a returning visitor, complete your stay by discovering the city’s most outstanding values

Legendary Sights

Discover the timeless beauty of the Hungarian capital and let yourself be amazed by its rich and impressive appearance. The medieval castle walls, elegant avenues, romantic sights and world heritage attractions not only provide a unique character to Budapest, but it shows and represents a significant time of history as well.  Explore Budapest’s iconic landscapes and the legendary stories what they hide.


Iconic Buildings

Prestigious buildings, colourful mosaic windows, charming reliefs, and the splendid cultural venues make Budapest an even more valuable city. Each building is an architectural masterpiece which are not only famous for their history but their interior design and artistic atmosphere are amazingly impressive as well. Admire the most prestigious buildings in Budapest and enjoy a visual treat by taking a guided tour during your visit.

Museums & Galleries

Budapest offers a wide range of museums with world-famous artworks and exhibitions. From featuring outstanding collections of Hungarian masterpieces to showcasing contemporary artworks and hosting international exhibitions, everyone can find a museum for its own artistic taste. Find out more about the historical museums and exhibitions of Budapest to learn more about the Hungarian art and history.

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Thermal Baths

Budapest is the number one European city with having the most natural water and thermal springs bursting up to the surface. No other city has the most thermal baths offering relaxation than the Hungarian capital. Hungarian Spa culture goes way back in Roman times when the tradition of using thermal waters began. Allow yourself to relax in one of the imposing thermal baths in Budapest and feel the wonderful and healing touch of these magical waters.