Goulash, the traditional Hungarian soup

Goulash, the Traditional Hungarian Soup

Lot of people heard about the famous Hungarian Goulash soup. Every person who visits Budapest must try this delicious meal. What is the story of Goulash soup? Well, the word “Gulyas” means “Herdsman” who was the person taking care of large group of cattles. You may think that Goulash soup was easily made from the meat of beef cattle but actually it wasn’t made always that way.

The origin of Goulash soup can be traced back to the 19th century. It was a popular meal amongst poor farmers. As the farmers were very poor people and the meat costed a fortune, the soup was never really made from beef in the past. Then what exactly Goulash soup was made from? The main ingredients were Hungarian pepper, onion and lot of potato and noodles. So actually today’s Goulash soup is a modern creation of the traditional version. But to be honest, today’s Goulash soup spiced up with delicious beef is one of the most famous meals in our country. The most delicious goulash soup is made in cauldron cooked on fire. Goulash is a preferred meal at garden parties, family occasions and also a great choice for evening wine tasting events.

Goulash soup wasn’t always a popular dish among noble people. It was specifically considered as a dish for man only and wasn’t served for ladies in the past. During the years it became a famous and national meal, in fact in some areas it was the main dish of wedding meals.

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