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On which side to stay in Budapest?

Are you planning to visit Budapest but haven’t decided yet on which side to stay in the city?
Finding a good located accommodation plays an important role of your stay in Budapest.

First of all, lets check the structure of Budapest.
Budapest consists of 2 parts: Buda and Pest.
Buda and Pest

What is the difference?

1. Buda
welcome-left-imageBuda is mostly surrounded by hills. Several parks and green areas can be found in this side of the city. The famous panoramic view of Budapest lies in front of us from the top of Buda Castle.
Buda side is more quieter and calmer than Pest therefore nightlife is not so typical.

Main attractions in Buda:
Buda Castle, Gellért Hill – Citadella, Gellért Square – Gellért Thermal Bath, Millenáris Park, János Hill – Elizabeth Lookout Tower, Children’s Railway, Pálvölgyi Cave
In the outside area of Buda (2nd, 12th district) there are possibilities to visit several National Parks, Caves and Lookout Towers where you can also see the panoramic view.

Central districts:
Mainly 11th, 1st districts
Secondly 2nd and 12th districts

Public Transportation:
From the central districts of Buda you can easily get to Pest with metro or tram.  Moreover you can reach Pest by walking across Széchenyi Chain Bridge or Liberty Bridge as well.

Railway Stations:
Kelenföld Railway Station
Budapest-Déli Railway Station

Ferihegy Airport – Buda: 24km, 30-40 minutes with taxi
Railway Stations – Pest: 10-25 minutes (depending on which railway station you will arrive to)


Buda is slightly more expensive than Pest including food and accommodation, especially in the Castle Hill.
In case you are looking for budget friendly accommodation, Pest will be better choice for you.

Buda is recommended for you, if:
You would attend Child-Friendly trips in the nature and
Willing to explore the Buda Hills by walking
You came to relax, or
Like to enjoy the nature in the city

2. Pest
Pest is totally flat and populated area. Green spaces are far less than in Buda. Despite of this fact, there are plenty of programme possibilities in Pest which satisfies all kinds of needs.
Pest is the centre of Budapest, the streets are always busy with people and active nightlife is present.
Several cultural attractions, tourist markets, restaurant and bars can be found here.

Main attractions in Pest: Parliament, Váci street (famous pedestrian shopping street), Jewish Quarter, Heroes’ Square, Opera House, Andrassy avenue (famous boulevard), City Park, Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Central Market Hall, Budapest Zoo

Central districts:
Mainly 5th, 6th, 7th districts
Secondly 8th, 9th, 14th district

Public Transportations:
The frequency of public transportation is excellent. Within Pest you can reach each attraction just in minutes. In case your accommodation is located near Danube river you can just walk across Széchenyi Chain Bridge or Liberty Bridge to reach Buda as well.

Railway Stations:
Budapest-Nyugati Railway Station
Budapest – Keleti Railway Station

Ferihegy Airport – Pest: 15km, 20-30 minutes with taxi
Railway Stations – Pest: 10-25 minutes (depending on which railway station you will arrive to)

It can be said that Pest is cheaper than Buda. Regarding food and drink there are a wide range of options: plenty street foods, snack bars, pubs, chop houses and gourmet restaurants.
Finding cheap apartments are easy, and luxury apartments are also located in Pest as well.

Pest is recommended for you, if:
You like to reach pubs, bars, restaurants in a walking distance or
Visit cultural monuments, theatres, museums and churches
You enjoy nightlife in Budapest and
Like to visit the most famous shopping streets and
Often enjoy gourmet restaurants, café bars, beer bars

Below you will find a map about the structure of Budapest with the main districts and attractions:

Before you decide where to stay in Budapest, first consider what is your main criteria when choosing an accommodation for your stay.

Your criteria could be:
– calmer district or busy neighbourhood
– enjoy nature or discover the city
– cheap apartment or luxury hotel
– near to the Railway Station or closer to the Airport
– quickly accessible bars, cafés or using public transportation

Either you choose Buda or Pest for your stay, you will sure have a great and unforgettable time of your life!

Don’t forget, in case you have any questions related to the above topic, please feel free to contact me any time.

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