Where to Stay in Budapest

Buda and Pest were recognised as two different settlements in the past until the 19th century when both city part got unified into one single city and became Budapest. Buda and Pest have their unique atmosphere. The vividly pulsating life and bustling streets of Pest, or the calming and peaceful ambience of Buda, both provides a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy your trip in Budapest and have a lifetime experience. The glamorous hotels and luxurious apartments are all located in prestigious areas of the city. Discover the best neighbourhoods of Budapest to find the perfect accommodation for your stay.


The major characteristic of Buda is the wonderful hilly areas, natural sights, and breath taking panoramic views of the city. With is beautiful green surroundings and romantic parks, it provides an aristocratic and historic ambience allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an upscale neighbourhood. The medieval and charming streets, bourgeois houses, and cultural museums offer a delightful stay in this part of the city. Buda welcomes guests in grand hotels, luxurious apartments, and offering visitors fine dining experience, activities for relaxation and cultural venues to discover.


Pest’s neighbourhoods are mostly flat with lesser green spaces, but having the most buzzling city life, pulsing atmosphere and excellent transportation. The city centre of Budapest is located in the Pest side of the city. The vibrating cultural life of Pest gives home to the most historic sights, iconic buildings, museums and cultural venues. In addition, Pest is filled with delightful restaurants, creative bistros, exclusive ruin bars and also offering a wide range of imposing restaurants and grand cafés. Pest welcomes guest in prestigious hotels located along the banks of the Danube river and numerous luxurious apartments.